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Saturday, April 10, 2004
Well THAT was freaky
Me, Cynthy, Dave and the Bald Man were wandering about Newtown looking at nifty stuff like second hand books, and Cynthy sees a $2 coin on the ground.

"Look", she says to me, "two dollars."

"Yay! Pick it up!" I squeak happily, showing that being a poor student does indeed make you desperate and shameless. "You can buy yourself a free cup of coffee! Whoo hoo!"

Cynthy shuffles uncomfortably. "I don't want to" she says to me.

"Wha... why? Money! Look!" I reply, picking up the little coin and waggling it at her.

She explains to me that it might have bad karma and that someone else might need it more. I think, well, fair enough, and suggest salt and sage. She doesn't look too amused at my irreverent attempt at greed justification.

I give it to the Bald Man, who puts it into his wallet.

So, I'm getting off the train today (which surfaced from the underground between Kings Cross and Edgecliff station this afternoon, showing me a few seconds of the dusk sky, and then dived again down, down, down the declining track and under the surface of the ground again, the groaning and whistling of the brakes eerily reminiscent of whalesong) and there was this 20c piece on the ground. I remembered the $2 coin, and the two fundraising chocolates which were stolen from my reception desk at work today. I have to put in those two missing dollars from my own pocket.
(I saw one thief walking out, the bright blue packet visible in his hand, and his face full of false cheerfulness when he came back in ten minutes later to wait again for the doctor and chat to me as he did, as though to prove his innocence by facing me full on. His eyes were wild and nervous, and he fidgeted from foot to foot. I didn't ask him for the dollar.)

But the thing that has me totally screwed up is... if I hadn't picked up the $2, would the $2 worth of chocolates been stolen? Or if I hadn't picked it up and they'd been stolen anyway, would I have been angrier that they had been stolen? If the chocolate-stealing had happened first and then Cynth had found the $2 coin, would I have considered it payback from the universe???

Yes, it's only $2. But I tell you what, at two bucks it's the cheapest mind-fcuk® I've ever had.

I threw the 20c coin into the school tennis courts near our place. I thought "some kid who doesn't get enough pocket money will pick it up." Pity I'd forgotten at the time that it's a private school.

Posted at 6:56 pm by monnsqueak

Da Nick
April 11, 2004   05:51 PM PDT
Eh, I would've just taken it.
April 11, 2004   12:16 AM PDT
I love these little "life-puzzles" that the universe throws at us from time to time. It's the timing of these things that always gets you...
April 10, 2004   09:19 PM PDT
That $2 was certainly meant for you - as for the .20 you tossed into the school yard... what's wrong with you woman!! Never throw money away. Squirrel it away for a rainy day. You just never know when 'that' wool sale is going to begin. As for the thief... I would have asked for the money and said he had been recorded on video ... I'm sure he would have 'coughed' up the money without hesitation. What a looney. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. My little bubba Latisha is four months now and the absolute apple of my eye. I went out and purchased a Barbie lounge for her today... she's such a doll! <g>
April 10, 2004   08:33 PM PDT
Perhaps the thief had dropped $2, and needed the chocolate for medical reasons... Or maybe the $2 was chocolate money!(mmmmmmmm chocolate money) Well, I'm off *hunts for some chocolate moniey*

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