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Friday, May 14, 2004
School's in...!
After two weeks of running about like a blue arsed thingummy for the last 2 weeks, getting lots of uni work done and trying to find a school for Angel, it's finally happened! Whoo hoo! I won't carry on with a whole lot of details, but Angel is very excited and looking forward to starting on Monday (who would have thought??? LOL)

So we hooned about all over town on the motorbike today, looking for school shoes and causing traffic accidents. Angel does look pretty cute on the back of the bike, hehe...

I'm working on the knitty cap at the moment, but not getting a whole lot done, since I did the start-frog-start-frog-start routine for a bit there, and then got too drunk at SUMS camp to work on it. (Come to our concert!!! They're on 29th and 30th May, 8pm and 3pm respectively)

This is what the beginning of the cap looks like:

For anyone who remembers, and was wondering, we completed our psych study of the attitudes towards women depending on their breast size. Unfortunately, neither of our hypotheses were supported, that is, (1) people in general don't actually find women with bigger breasts more attractive, and (2) it seems people don't make judgements about a woman based on this. How about that?

We had found a study which had shown people make negative judgements about a woman with bigger breasts regarding her morality and intelligence, but the thing is that people usually make positive judgements (sometimes erroneously) about people who are attractive. The exception is women who are exceptionally attractive, who are then subject to a lot of criticism. Bah! Anyway, our tutor suggested that people these days consider a more androgynous form attractive, and so maybe next time we can look at thinness in relation to this sort of stuff. So there you go girls, forget the plastic surgery, it makes no bloody difference! However, everyone still expects you to diet!!! Oh yay, joy and glee. *rolls eyes*

Finally, just a quick rant tangenting off from that... *grin*

Doctored photos. Yuck! The whole adjustment of photos, especially models in magazines, makes me sick. Breasts, legs, butts, eyes, pores, lips, necks... nothing is safe from the cutting tool of photo-shop. Just to make my point, this photo was used recently in an ad campaign, and there was something so wrong about it, I couldn't stop staring. After a while it occurred to me that the model has a skinny chicken-neck. Oh yeah baby. That's SO attractive. *snort*

When I started looking even closer, other adjustments became apparent. This is so wrong! People get the most screwed up idea of what their body is meant to look like because of these sorts of photos. They've painted in her cleavage (look closely now!), they've made the front of her left breast smaller to make it perkier-looking, I think they've also thinned out her arms (look at her right arm where it shows up against the white background) and probably thinned out her stomach between the left hand and the leg, and maybe even the top of the left thigh. Actually, that whole right breast is just really weird-looking, like a bizarre melon-like bucket-shaped appendage coming from somewhere near the armpit. Ewk. And that neck! *retch*

Anyway, on that charming note, I'm off to hit the text books for a while! The Bald Man wants to go to an 11.50 screening of Troy *shakes head in matronly fashion* hehehe...

Posted at 8:53 pm by monnsqueak

Da Nick
May 17, 2004   04:49 PM PDT
PS: And the pic of the old man and his dog is so cute!
Da Nick
May 17, 2004   12:25 PM PDT
Yay for finding a new school for Angel!

The hat you're knitting looks good, so delicate!

I must agree, that model's just grotty. *evil*

Grey hair looks good on women! I see older women round campus who are grey and it makes them look classy!
May 17, 2004   09:31 AM PDT
Her head looks as though there's a hole in it where it meets her neck, ie that you could pull it off like Barbie's.

According to a group of girls (and gay boys) at work, the best thing about Troy is Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt in leather skirts...
some tired guy...
May 15, 2004   03:22 PM PDT
Pop culutre magazines are the current masters of Photoshop...
May 15, 2004   11:38 AM PDT
yay Dot! How are you going? Are you going to swing by just do it knits and give us an update? :-) Lovely to hear from you, go down to my entry for May 7th, there's a link to the cap pattern there. I'm using Filatura Di Crosa 1 ply merino, called Centellovaggio (not sure if that's spelled right) in pale pink. It's suuuuuper soft, and the same stuff I made my Pacific Northwest Shawl out of.

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