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Wednesday, June 23, 2004
Do women prefer to be subservient? Is this how women are, "biologically"?

Yesterday I got a comment on an older entry from "Mike" who said:

"I want to make a case for women shaving off their pubic hair. It is incredibly sexy, but it mostly about submissiveness. I suppose submissiveness is not a terribly correct thing to promote these days, but I really do think women want to be compliant (I'm sure this will draw objections.) Over the past decade women have decided to shave their pubic hair to make men happy ---- that's not a crime; women also have resumed the practice of taking their husbands name --- again, not a crime. Is female submissiveness a cultural response, or is it biological? Our culture over the past few decades has suggested it is the former, but it is beginning to look like that might not be the case. See the experiments with mice: the more testostarone they are given, the more dominant they become; the more estrogen, the more submissive. Give a bit."

This has been a subject upon which Iíve reflected often and discussed often. I think that there are women who prefer to be subservient in their roles. I doubt that it is the majority of women, but I'm not a sociologist, and I don't actually know. But I certainly do know plenty of women who canít do enough to please others, and often at their own expense. Sometimes even at their own childís expense.

However, I donít believe that this applies to all women, nor do I think it is biological. This is a cultural response to the way women have been treated over hundreds of years. Biological explanations for human behaviour are being shot down in flames year after year, and are an old fashioned, outdated and oversimplified way of attempting to explain the way people work.

A fantastic resource for anyone who's interested in this is the work of Laura Berk, an American academic who is at the cutting edge of developmental psychology and writes psych text books for universities the world over (which is, obviously, where I've come across her work). Even Freud is being superseded and discounted these days. Although his work laid the grounds for what we know today as psychoanalysis, his work is just too old fashioned, and has no scientific basis.

Finally, the testosterone thing. Injecting it into rats hasnít increased "dominance" per se. The increase is in aggressive behaviour. Call it a fine a line difference if you will, but I see it as a rather significant difference. You can find arguments saying that dominance means aggression (see hereÖ but note that this is an unpublished paper, not peer reviewed, and targeted at a money-spending audience for "the hormone shop"), but you can also find arguments saying that Jesus Christ was an alien. Just because itís printed in a book doesnít make it true. Statistics are just as misleading - I mean, after all, statistically speaking, everyone on the planet has one testicle. (think about it)

I found a couple of published articles for academic psychology journals talking about this experimental procedure and aggression:

"Effects of chronic adminstration with high doses of testosterone propionate on behavioral and physiological parameters in mice with differing basal aggressiveness" (Aggressive Behaviour, 2003, Vol 29, 173-189. Authors: MartŪnez-Sanchis, S.; Arnedo, M. T.; Salvador, A.; Moya-Albiol, L.; GonzŠlez-Bono, E.) - discusses conflicting results in research, e.g. animals which behave aggressively during low-testosterone cycles, which doesn't support the high T = high aggression theory (p186). Also, regardless of the sex of the mouse, the predisposition to aggression or submission altered the result of the hormone injections - submissive mice became more submissive, dominant mice stayed relatively the same. In fact, the more aggressive mice, after their injections, spent more time exploring their environment than the control mice. All the mice in the experiment were male, showing that submissive behaviour is not limited to females.

"Effects of Pubertal Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid (AAS) Administration on Reproductive and Aggressive Behaviors in Male Rats" (Behavioral Neuroscience. Vol. 117 (5). Authors: Farrell, S. and McGinnis, M.)  - hormonal injections increased aggressive behaviour towards everyone, not "dominant behaviour towards females".

(I can't reproduce these articles here due to copyright, but you should be able to access these articles through most university libraries. If you are a library member, you can access many of these journals via the web.)

People desire power and dominance. Not just men. People. You suppress a womanís rights and cut off her avenues to power, and it just bubbles up in another way, for instance passive-aggressive behaviour. There is no way that women are designed to allow people to use them as a doormat. Even the doormats I know engage in idiotically manipulative behaviour to try somehow to combat their situation of being dominated.

Donít believe everything you see printed, boys and girls. And donít fucking tell me that women are biologically designed to be submissive. I donít give a shit about political correctness, and yes, I believe that men and women both have to give ground in their relationships, but itís less about dominant-submissive dynamics, and more just about mutual respect and care. I agree with Mike's "give a bit" - but this is something which men and women can take on board. Life is a two way street, and too many men grab on to idiotic, narrow-minded, biased research such as Mike's example and use it as an excuse to treat women like shit, and then say "but thatís the way nature/God intended it".

By the way Mike, where was this experiment documented? Is it a published, peer-reviewed journal article, or something out of People magazine? I wouldnít mind having a look, and the source of your information would make a big difference as to how much weight it carries. Oh, and you spell it "testosterone", not testostarone.

Thanks boys and girls. Now, try not to rip each otherís heads off, as I know this is a controversial topic, and KEEP YOUR COMMENTS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION, NOT ON THE TAG BOARD. Tag board comments applying to this post will be moved to the comments section of this post. Iím not trying to upset people, just respond to Mikeís comment.

Remember: I reserve the right to remove any childish or abusive comments from anywhere on this blog, and subsequently ban that person. Have any opinion on anything you want, but present your case as an intelligent adult, not a wailing child.

Posted at 11:13 am by monnsqueak

September 24, 2006   02:22 AM PDT
My girlfriend decided a few weeks ago that she wants to explore her
submissive tendencies with me as her master. We've had a great
relationship for over two years, with wonderful sex, so she doesn't need
anything to bolster a flagging love life. Rather, she wants to add, not
substitute. I have no idea what to do and would rather take the initiative
and do, rather than ask her what I should do. Otherwise, it's like asking
your partner where they would like to go for their surprise holiday.

It's not so much the sex that I need advice on - we know about the
obvious and have enjoyed spanking and bondage. It's the other things!
Whatever they are! Hope this makes sense.

Any suggestions on where I should get advice.
February 3, 2006   08:07 PM PST
i think your blog is great :)
December 5, 2005   02:49 PM PST
That previous post was written by a lesbian, wasn't it? Can I watch you 2 "meeting each others needs" and bring my camera along?
April 13, 2005   11:43 AM PDT
I beleive all woman should be submissive to their husbands. The reason why life has gotten so out of hand in this world, is in part because of all this woman's rights crap. Things need to be like they used to be, back in the days. Men are suppose to rule, that is why God made them stronger, and bigger than woman. Woman were made to give birth, and take care of the home and husbands needs. Unfortunatly society has screwed things up, and nobody really knows how to act anymore. It's sad. Woman were meant to follow and obey there husbands. It kept families together. I have found that when I made myself completly submissive to my husband, our lives have never been better. We are the best of friends, the best of lovers, the best of partners. i love to please him, it pleases me. He , in return, is the kindest , sweetest, loving, man I have ever known. I would do anything he ever asked of me, to please him. But we have both realised, he askes nothing from me, nor i of him. We love and care for each other so much, we can alomst read each others minds, so we aotomatically do for each other without question. But when a situation arises, it is him who makes the desisions in the house. It is also him to deal with the mistake of the decisions if so be it. I am submissive to all of that. Sexually, being submissive is all I care to be, since with my husband. I love to please him, in every way possible. It is the absolute best lovemaking i have ever experienced, as for him as well. He had me shave from day one. I was a little embarrassed at first, but just pleasing him, pleased me. I know i may sound so weird saying all this, but until you are truelly in love, you can't understand why or how a woman could be submissive to a man. It is the only way to be in life, to be ultimatly happy.
April 11, 2005   07:27 AM PDT
Female and male hyenas maintain similar levels of the hormone testosterone, associated with aggression. The alpha female has six times more testosterone than any other female, and significantly more than any male in the pack. So maybe testosterone is an aggression hormone not a male hormone after all.

April 5, 2005   09:14 AM PDT
Maybe our biology doesn't control us, but we control it to some extent. I wonder if you consistently acted in an "aggressive" manner and taught you daughters that, within a few generations our biology would adapt to that. I remember reading about a female runner, who was accused of using drugs because she had high testosterone levels, but it turned out to be natural. There hasn't been enough study. Modern science has more or less labled testosterone a male hormone, but maybe it's just an aggression hormone and anyone who acted consistently in an aggressive manner would develop it. Our bodies adapt to our environment after all, is it possible we could manipulate that? I don't know much about it though, just playing with ideas...
April 2, 2005   01:38 AM PST
shape your eyebrows they look awful.
July 22, 2004   01:08 AM PDT
I think Mike needs to widen his survey pool - I shave because I enjoy the oral sex more! It's more intense for ME, not my husband! (Of course, in the give in take in making love, my intensity feeds his, yada, yada, yada.) It's my body, I attire it as I like, I wear my hair the length and color I like, I have a tat because of what it means to me - I like the fact that my partner likes my physical self, but I am more than the way I look and I don't look the way I do to please someone else!
July 2, 2004   11:05 PM PDT
Yeah, what about men who shave...
June 26, 2004   11:22 AM PDT
Men and women should shave if their partner prefers it. It is not a relationship if you are not giving and receiving; it is robbery. Relationships should not keep score, but each persone should want to help the other as they care about them.
June 24, 2004   12:40 PM PDT
Nah, go for it... there's no such thing as a too-long comment ;-) Thanks for your input! Sometimes I feel like a bit of a raving feminist, and have to remind myself not to apologise for that LOL

Love hearing from my strong, smart women friends! Bring it on! xxx
June 24, 2004   10:48 AM PDT
First let me saw BRAVO! Your post is birlliant.

Second if a man doesn't even know how to spell testosterone then I'm a bit skeptical about the intelligence quotient of his comment.

Third - I was raised to please my man and I wait on him hand and foot. Sometimes I get spunky and he'd better jump through hoops to please me. All relationships are give and take -- ALL of them. I believe that every person has a certain balance of attributes. I am passive at times and sometimes I'm the aggressor. But there's NO WAY that being subservient is biological ... it's something learned.

The spirit of woman shall not be diminished by testosterone flavored rhetoric. We are brilliant and the only men who don't think that we are, are sadly lacking a clue.

I do believe that women are nurturers though. Women nurture, love, cheerlead, support, listen - it's why I've always said, "I love my man but what every woman needs is a good wife."

Forgive me for writing such a long comment but I was compelled to do so.

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