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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
An obsession with productivity

I went back to uni this week. Back to working each day, feeling guilty if I go to the movies or read something that isnít a text or a journal, back to chasing the marks and writing the reports. Itís going to be a big semester Ė I have a few subjects which I know are going to be "full on".

So, with Wednesday being my "day off" (read: study like mad at home) I of course slept in this morning. Deliberately. Until 10am. Yum! Week 1 is usually pretty low key, and all I have to do is read, read, read, and organise my work for this semester.

I sit down and eat my breakfast. I feel guilty that Iíve slept in, and should have gotten up at 8. Well, too late for that now, so while Iím putting food into my mouth, I do my usual trick of reading at the same time.

It has occurred to me that Iím obsessed with productivity. If I have a relaxing day where I see friends or family, or go to dinner or whatever, I get to the end of the day and think "I didnít knit anything, I didnít read anything, or write anything, or get any exercise done." *gasp!* and suddenly Iím punishing myself for not having a productive enough day.

I suppose that my life has gradually been heading towards this. I was brought up strict christian, and the general thought of "sloth" is the very old fashioned adage "the devil finds idle hands work to do". Christadelphians donít believe in the devil, actually, but the premise was essentially the same Ė you canít be hanging about just relaxing Ė thatís sin, ducklings! If you have nothing else to do, read your bible!

And still, I dutifully pull out my book Ė these days a text book Ė and I read. Or, I knit, or spin, or whatever. When I worked out how to read and knit simultaneouslyÖ well! Could a girl be more content? But instead of getting happier at all the things I get done, I just get more depressed. No matter how much I get done, no matter how many good marks I get, bobbins I spin, or items I knit, I still feel lazy and slow and unproductive.

I really need to learn how to let all of this go. Iím always running about the place, Iím always stressed about something, Iím always furiously trying to get something finished, or started, or whatever. And it finally occurred to me this morning as I simultaneously filled my mind and body with fuel for the day that none of this is ever going to make me happy. So, Iím going to post this entry and go finish my cup of tea, and do a couple of hoursí reading. Then Iím going to throw on my tracky-dacks, and go visit my hubby at work and sit and hang out with him for a while.

And no, I still havenít finished those bloody socks. ;-P

Posted at 11:30 am by monnsqueak

August 27, 2004   05:53 AM PDT
Greetings from Missouri! I started reading your journal a while ago, about the time I learned to knit, and I've enjoyed 'listening" to your knitting and life experiences.

I also have a terrible time just relaxing. My roomate accuses me of taking up knitting mostly to have *something* to do all the time. And I count my productivity points over the course of the day. I have no stellar advice, but it's nice to run across another overly busy person.
August 1, 2004   06:58 PM PDT
Yeah. God sure must get lonely without me.
August 1, 2004   04:10 PM PDT
Maybe it is the Lord telling you that you need to spend some quality time with Him!!! Try it. You may find that you will have some tranquil moments and some serenity around you. Never be too busy for Him!!! Blessings to you, my friend!!!
July 30, 2004   12:36 AM PDT
Now that you've realized this pattern of yours, you need to train yourself to look for it as it's happening. With practice you will get better at noticing it while you're doing it. Then you can choose to continue multi-tasking or not. Ultimately it's about being present to each moment, now, as it occurs and choosing to be in it.
July 29, 2004   10:52 AM PDT
Bloody Over-Achiever!!
July 29, 2004   09:46 AM PDT
Darl - it's called OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder - & it's very common in academics. Do you have to do all those things to have a complete life?? No - also you need to reward yourself. Take that time out - like the sleep in - especially if you have just completed the essay & you will enjoy the pleasures that are rightfully yours. Love ya - Nanna
July 28, 2004   01:52 PM PDT
Yay! You can do it (nothing, that is)!

Perhaps the trick is to call it "busy relaxing" instead of "doing nothing". Try and quantify it, if it helps you to justify it. How much money are you saving by spending time at home in your trackies instead of paying for a massage (or paying for anti-stress medication)?

Thus endeth the first lesson from the expert in sloth.


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