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Friday, August 13, 2004
The face I had before the world was made
Yup, it's another non-knitterly entry. I'm still pluggnig away on the foot of a new pair of sockies. But hey, it's week 3 at uni, and the Nerd-Mobile is now firing on all cylinders, so it's study study study! Away we go.

Today I'm thinking about authenticity, truth, and fiction. A friend of mine was recently commenting that the blog of a mutual friend is becoming an increasingly distant reflection of the person the blogger actually is (excuse the messy wording, I hope that makes sense). The blog, I suppose is becoming a false, or imaginary, or maybe even delusionary facet of that person.

Or... is something else going on here? Is a person's blog a projection of the person they are, or that they'd like to be? Is it a reflection of some Freudian superego, the "over-I" who says what a person "should" be like?  It was this thought that came into my head in class today.

I usually study 3 psych subjects and have a "fun" elective thrown in for good measure. Last year it was philosophy, this year it's literature, my current elective is "The Novel". I have got to say, my subjects this semester are unbelievably wonderful - challenging, interesting, enjoyable.

So, this week in our tutorials, continuing from last week, comes the question: What is a novel, and more specifically, are novels always fiction?

The class was split in opinion, some saying a novel can be factual, some saying it must be fictional.

And I thought: Are blogs non-fiction?

I put my hand up in class and threw my intellectual cards on the table. Yes, I think that novels are nearly always fiction, even "historical novels" and "based on a true story" novels. The key words here are "based on". Non-fiction, as far as I can tell, is a factual account. As soon as you characterise an historical or factual person in a novel, speculation enters the equation and voila. Your non-fictional account is suddenly highlighted with fictional colouring-in. It's like white paint - the minute you add a bit of red, it becomes pink, however pale the shade.

Blogs. In theory, they're an online diary, and therefore could be considered non-fiction. They're an account of someone's daily life.

But it's not that simple, in reality. I have to admit that everything I write is pre-censored in my head. The rule of thumb with publishing something online is to not write anything you wouldn't want anyone to read. Sounds like an oversimplification, but a quick refresher of the (rather ridiculous)
blogger's disclaimer shows that this isn't necessarily the majority view.

So, really, my blog is by no means an accurate reflection of myself. It's not quite autobiography, is it? My blog began as a knitting journal, sharing photos and thoughts about what I was knitting at the time. It's somehow morphed into an attempt to express some of my random thoughts, and some of my not-so-random thoughts,my personal philosophies and opinions, and of course to share photos of what I'm currently knitting or spinning.

Who am I, and what sort of person am I? Well, if you think you can sort that out from the single facet of "me" that this blog reflects, you're doing a whole lot better than I am.


If I make the lashes dark
And the eyes more bright
And the lips more scarlet,
Or ask if all be right
From mirror after mirror,
No vanity's displayed:
I'm looking for the face I had
Before the world was made.

What if I look upon a man
As though on my beloved,
And my blood be cold the while
And my heart unmoved?
Why should he think me cruel
Or that he is betrayed?
I'd have him love the thing that was
Before the world was made.

William Butler Yeats,
From The Winding Stair and Other Poems, 1933

Posted at 2:40 pm by monnsqueak

August 15, 2004   11:43 AM PDT
Wow, what a great thought-provoking blog! Are you sure that your friend's blog isn't resembling herself? Maybe it's just that it isn't resembling that facet of herself that she chooses to show you. A person's ambitions and ideas of who they'd like to be may not be achievable or based in reality but nonetheless makes them who they are. "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!" Best line ever...

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