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Thursday, September 02, 2004
Today's little piece of blasphemy brought to you by...
I saw the last ten minutes of a show called Compass the other night. Wow. Very freaky, revolutionary, cutting edge biological psychology. I could go on and on about it, but you can save yourself the second hand information and go to these sites to have a read.

If phrases like "God may be a trick of brain chemistry", and "humans may be hard-wired for religion" catch your attention, you're gonna love this. Human religious impulses, people who have seizures getting more satisfaction from religion than sex (really!) and buddhist monks having the same brain patterns as praying nuns. Very cool.

I've been having lots of spinning fun, to the detriment of my housework. I went through a stage where my place looked really great all the time. I think it lasted about a month. I think I was just really stressed. *snort* What a pity, when a neat house is a symptom of mental imbalance, ha!

So, here's the alpaca that the Bald Man's cousin got me. It seemed a bit coarse and hairy, and it's not the highest quality stuff I've ever seen, but a good soak and wash has done it a lot of good, and so I've spun 100g to send to the generous donater of fleece. Yay!

Posted at 6:33 pm by monnsqueak

September 3, 2004   03:22 PM PDT
Adele, you are correct, and this is why there has been a mixed response to the findings from religious groups. It's all about interpretation - some say yay proof that god exists, some say yay proof that god doesn't exist. *grin*
September 3, 2004   02:44 PM PDT
I saw that episode too! One of the best bits was the suggestion that miracles & epiphanies may be a neurological quirk, ie increase in temporal lobe activity + decrease in the bit governing one's sense of space, time and self, and some people may have more of a talent for it than others.
It could mean either that God is a neurological phenomenon or that He/She gave us brains able to appreciate Him/Her?
September 3, 2004   01:56 PM PDT
Why is it so? hmmm... In this inbuilt predisposition to religiosity one of the main differences between man and animal? Do animals believe in God? Or a higher power? Is this gene development a throwback from our aeons as primordial ooze? There was always someone bigger and faster and hungrier to catch and eat us, to take us out and now we have reached the top of the food chain we still carry these reservations on a sub-conscious or even purely genetic level?

Very interesting articles Mon - Thanks!

September 3, 2004   12:25 PM PDT
indeed; good stuff. I have heard many similar things. Scientists have found that a chemical, one that is commonly produced in near death situations, can cause people to see lights, feel like they are traveling through tunnels, floating, and being with other beings. Sound familiar? Maybe god is a chemical.
September 3, 2004   10:12 AM PDT
I wish I'd seen the whole thing, I only caught the last ten minutes of it. BBC have some really good stuff, huh? Yes, I'm a nerd, but I adore their doco's.
Da Nick
September 3, 2004   09:36 AM PDT
Oooh I saw that episode of Compass too! Very itneresting.

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