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Monday, September 20, 2004
Musical tongs
It was Saturday night, and disaster was looming, sniggering evilly, stalking me through the darkness.

I approached the bank of letterboxes with my very important envelope of music (yep, for this weekend's concert) and slipped it into the one which had "1" written on it.

I then stepped back and realised that I'd put it into the next door neighbour's box. Aaaargh! Ben was going to kill me. He was going to KILL me! He'd come to my apartment earlier in the day, his face waxy with illness and fatigue, and asked me to pass on several copies of this music to various people. Yeah, no problem, I say. You can count on me. *laughs hysterically*

This morning, after I'd spoken to the musician, whose neighbours hadn't been home all weekend, I realised that I was going to have to Do Something Drastic.

The letterbox was locked. There was a small slit at the top where the letters went in, way to small for even my tiny hands. A stick? No, wouldn't be able to get the envelope back up. Ah. I know.

I packed a pair of long-handled tongs into my backpack, and hopped on my motorbike. I did a slow cruise-by. There were a couple of neighbours hanging around on the corner waiting for a bus, who watched me ride by. Hm. I might get the cops called on to me for pinching people's mail if I'm not careful. I nonchalantly parked the bike, pulled off my helmet, and reached into my bag for the tongs.

My heart contracted with fear. Could I really get away with this? I had visions of a siren screaming around the corner and getting dragged away to the police station, desperately clutching my kitchen tongs and wailing that I'd be late for my 1pm lecture. Argh! I let go of the tongs, and figured it wouldn't hurt to procrastinate for a minute. The loitering neighbours eyed me suspiciously. I tossed my hair carelessly, and wandered hopefully down the driveway to where the letter-box owner undoubtedly lived.

There was no number on the door of the buildings, and I hoped desperately that this was unit one. I could hear voices inside, and boldly rang the doorbell. They made me wait a long minute or two, quivering with anticipation.

Yes, they were unit one. No, they hadn't checked their letterbox since Saturday. Yes, they'd be happy to open it for me. Yes, they had been about to leave, and I'd just caught them. The woman holding the baby gave me a very strange, almost disbelieving look as I told her my story, and asked her husband to do the honours.

Yay for good luck! Finally!!!

Yup, there it was, sitting in the letterbox. I snatched it joyfully from the faintly surprised man, and took off like a mad thing ("yes, I do ride that bike, actually. Haha," I said, as I ran away brandishing the envelope of music).

I smiled cheerfully at the neighbours still waiting for their bus as I pulled away, and the young couple whose letterbox I'd considered attacking with a pair of kitchen tongs waved at me as I disappeared into the wild blue yonder.

Now, I'm off to that 1 o'clock lecture.

Posted at 12:38 pm by monnsqueak

September 21, 2004   12:11 AM PDT
For next time when they're not in: Chewing gum/a wad of double sided sticking tape on the end of strong string, with a weight between the string and the wad of tape. Works very well. I'm told.
September 20, 2004   12:52 PM PDT
Ha ha! What a scream! That's just the sort of dumb embarrassing thing I normally do.

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