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Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Rant time... hehehe
I have a few little rants which are long standing and well practised. Some of them are even rational and reasonable. Heh.

One of my personal favourites is my "apostrophe rant".

What is with people and their inability to use apostrophes properly??? This cute little thingy is the smallest bit of punctuation you can use, and yet it can just piss me off so mightily that I may, without any warning at all, launch into a loud, impassioned and potentially embarrassing rant.

When my friend Hyacinth came to visit a few weeks ago, one such fit was witnessed by the general public on King Street Newtown, when I completely lost the plot in front of a hairdresser's store which proudly displayed a sign out the front advertising... "HAIRCUT'S". *faints just at the memory of it* Talk about a traumatic moment.

Anyway, off I went. Cynthy watched in amusement, helpfully winding me up every time I slowed down a little. I was doubly annoyed by the fact that their sign and their window differed in the spelling, one having the apostrophe and one where it was thankfully absent. I mean, really. If you're going to be wrong, be consistently wrong. (This philosophy is closely related to that of "that's my story and I'm bloody well sticking to it").

So. Just to top it all off, the Vietnamese Hot Bread Shop next door, God love 'em, showed us all how it was done, with a sign which proclaimed "Alan's Hot Bread". Not that hard, is it? (I mean, hello, these guys don't even have English as their first language!)

Don't even start me on the your-you're. Or the they're there their. And the way people say "off of" *clutches at throat and swoons dramatically*... eg "why won't my computer boot off of its hard drive?" (note the correct use of "its" here... does this almost but not quite make this hideous faux pas acceptable? btw, I did pull this from "off of" *snicker* a real web site but have chosen to not humiliate the author here, hehehehe, just go look at google and it's outta my hands).

For some time, I have believed myself to be alone in this war against bad grammar, and then (it must be a knitter's thing, I dunno) these links started appearing on quite a few knitting blogs... apparently someone's made a Grammar Avengers Webring! Whee!!!

And just to make me feel better, there's this...

Cooooool. Somehow, like misery, I believe nerdity loves company.

Go the daily card... I'm sure a bit of a challenge is good for the soul. Especially when the holidays are only 2 weeks away...

Posted at 12:51 pm by monnsqueak

May 17, 2005   12:47 PM PDT
While the post was hard to read because of the colors (at least on Firefox) I wholeheartedly agree with what you said! I gave my fiance "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves" and he greatly enjoyed it. I plan on reading it, too. I don't understand what is so hard about apostrophes. If ya took out some letters and shortened it up, use an apostrophe; if you didn't, then don't add one!

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