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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm still having issues with photos, this time I'm having difficulties actually getting the photos into the ftp thingy. *sigh*

Anyway, squeak news headlines as follows:

SQUEAK BREAKS OWN KNITTING REQUEST RULE - "We are not having sex", shes states firmly

TUPPERWARE PARTY ACTUALLY ATTRACTS ATTENDEES - Bribed with alcohol and handspun alpaca as the lucky door prize, partygoers embark on spending frenzy

TRIP TO SYDNEY A WILD SUCCESS! - Parties, breakfasts, and walks round the Bay, life doesn't get any better than this

FEATHERS FLY! - Small cockatiel now running the Squeak Household with a claw of iron

ROAST OF DOOM ACTUALLY HAS LEFTOVERS - but somehow the crackling still disappeared in three seconds flat

So, yeah. Thanks to everyone who has brightened my home and my life by coming over and playing and partying and eating and generally just having fun. I will eventually tame the photo thing and post some stuff. Meantime, I'm pulling out the spinning wheel to have a bit of a play before I take off to work. Mmm! Navajo plied handpainted merino!

Posted at 12:41 pm by monnsqueak

June 30, 2006   10:27 AM PDT
Hehe my friend Damien and I were chatting online and he was complaining how cold his hands get and how much he liked the look of my computer "gloves" and said "hint hint" and I said yah ok I'll make you some. Technically still haven't broken the rule... hehe. But I had some leftover sockwool and thought I might as well use it up. Am also in the process of making one for my buddy Kara, who also gets cold hands on the puter. :D

Oh, and Sarah, Thanks! It's been driving me crazy, i even re-downloaded the core software hehe, so it's quite a relief to know it's NOT ME!
June 27, 2006   03:56 PM PDT
Woo hoo! So who are you not having sex with and how did they otherwise get around what's become known as Monica's Rule??

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