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Friday, July 25, 2003
Ooookay. Time to play. (The Bendigo Story)

Hey! I'm finally doing it. Bloggerifica Squeakiffica!!!

So, I've just had big big fun at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show, and to save lots of time and space I'm copying in the post I've already typed (complete with darling Nanna's relevant bits and pieces from the original post.) Turribly sorry to all those on justdoit who have read this already. Just skip the last bit of this entry, huh?

Yup. Lazy now, spin more wool later. Yay! 2 more minutes on line and I'm off to pick up the Bald Man, who is suffering rather badly from the flu at the moment...

****eerie flashback to about 4 months ago****

Mrs Bald Man: Get thee to the doctors for your flu shot, O Husbandly One!!! Nag nag prod prod!!!!!!!!

Bald Man: Yeah, yeah, I'll do it some day really soon. Just stop poking me in the soft bits with your knitting needle, huh???

****end eerie flashback and return to present****

Yeh. Told him so. *snort* Now I get to nurse his gorgeous bald head back to health. Next lifetime, I'm getting me a wife. I'm sure the nagging's worth it.

So. The Bendigo Story!!! The ">>>" bits are Peter's, the "----" bits are mine. And if it looks like crap, well bummer. I hate it when that happens, but I aten't typing it again.

Yeh, so I'm lazy as all hell. Blah blah blah.

Squeak at the Show (slightely shorter sequel to Nanna at the Show)


-----Well, I think I've just recovered enough to actually post about the show LOL, it was the biggest fun I've had in years. Promise.

-----So, there were some very funny moments, including a very pissed-off me storming out of the room at 3am in really bad pyjamas and even worse hair to tell off a group of noisy drunken men. I think from the looks of shocked fear on their faces that 6 years of marriage has perfected my Medusa Look. *snort, snicker*

-----Ah, Sarah! I'm so sorry for (almost) falling asleep on your floor with a lap full of cat and a belly full of awesome Chinese food!!!! How rude, but trust me, I was in the gentle arms of supreme contentment, and as Peter will surely inform you, silence doesn't happen that often where I'm concerned.

> The only small bad luck was centred around our hotel. Monica's wheel
wasn't there as prearranged - in fact it never arrived & thru much
> angst & phone calls, it's now being sent to Canberra & Leigh will
> deal with it & them. It was destined to arrive Sun lunch when we
> leaving early Sun morning

-----Wah! Life is so tragic! But the wheel and I will soon be united, I'm sure. It's a fairly new Ashford Traditional, and although I spent too much on it (to judge by the price of the 2nd hand wheels being sold at the show) I'm still quite happy with the purchase, as the absolutely lovely woman I bought it from threw in 8kg of 22micron corriedale/merino top. Let me at it!!! hee. I'm lashing out and getting a double treadle kit for it. And I'm sure it will be home soon, though I suspect it may really like Leigh's place *grin*

I loved the "country woman" 's face (one of
> those folk that thinks they are far superior in craftwork than
> cityfolk) when Leigh had a play on the Majacraft Joy Wheel & turned
> her lumpy effort into the thickness of cotton thread. It resembled
> cat's bum.

-----Ummm... Peter I have to tell you something funny about this. That was actually my thread that Leigh took over from *ROFTL*... I'd just taken the wheel for a little drive myself. Sorry... that was just too funny, I nearly inhaled my cup of coffee when I read that! But that's okay, you know I'm only a baby spinner just now, and yes, I have loooots and lots of lumps! Giggling madly, I write on...

So: the people who formed
> a large amorphous mass of fibre crazies. Mon, Leigh & myself of
> course; then Karen Sydow, Catherine (moorecat), Dot from Avenel
> (doublemms), Sarah B, & ?Kris from Melbourne (not on the list).
> I loved is no one was made to stay in a group. People broke away,
> formed small groups & then the big one. No one was left out & all
> travelled at their own pace.

-----It was sooooo much fun meeting people! The funny thing was, we'd be standing in a small group, and every now and then someone's eyes would glaze over as they saw something in the distance and they'd just wander off, (happened to me constantly actually) and later on we'd all sort of bump into each other again. What was the analogy? Yes, a big blob of mercury.

> (Monica's copy of the Pacific Northwest shawl was only left alone
> the return journey when she had her hands on the steering wheel -
> even took it with her when we ate our lunch & visited the lav

-----Ooh but it's so yuuuuummy! I bought the wool for it today, despite my vow to knit and spin through my stash before I bought anything else. Dang!

> Hats - OMG!! Never take Leigh & Mon near a milliners. Mon early on
> bought a lovely felted orange & yellow hat - very nice.

-----I swear I did not intend to buy any of them until I tried them on. Yeep! Bad idea.

-----I didn't actually buy very much, as it was my intention to pick up my new spinning wheel, and so (untypically) restrained myself to:

-50g each of rainbow dyed silk and merino. Will probably spin it into a little navajo plied yarn and then knit it into a neck scarfling for myself. MAYBE EVEN GARTER STITCH! *snicker* just kidding.

-Margaret Stove Merino book

-"the" two hats. I would have bought four but for budgetary restrictions, but there's always next year!

-the Pacific Northwest Shawl pattern. Never knitted lacey type stuff before, so it'll be a lovely adventure in fun.

-A couple of hand made glass platters, one of which I promptly broke (within 10mins of purchase, good one Monica, DUH!) Them's the breaks. Hahaha! I'm sooooo funny.

I think that's about it. I'm going again next year. I'm starting to save now. I may have to take my own (very large) vehicle. Hmm.

:-) Monica