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Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Oooh, she's just on FIRE!
here's the rug, it's finished. Not much work in sewing it up and putting the crochet border on it, and now I only have about 20g of black plastic left in the stash. Yay! I would have preferred the squares plain black, but I couldn't be arsed making another two squares to replace the coloured ones. So now when I'm a cold little granny in the car I can chuck this over myself and voila. Instant witcheroo.

So, since Lily had her headless day, I decided to play the same game...

This is the bunyip jumper I made a year ago, with built in gloves. *boom boom!* Oh, she's on fire today... *rolls eyes at self* So, since the sleeves are waaaay too long, I'm unpicking them at the cuffs and re-doing those bits. Just in time for summer. I may get brave and get out the scissors and the sewing needle and give it some body shaping, too, since the drape around the waist is just odd.

Wha.... ergh. I've got to go make some coffee...

Monday, November 03, 2003
Beautiful afternoon in Sydney
It's been a bloody beautiful day here in Sydney, and I'm just loving it. Our place might be tiny and covered in half-chewed bird food but it's absolutely heavenly sitting here in the afternoon on a sunny day. Mellow mellow mellow. So I'm taking a couple of pics, and getting back into chapter 4 of "Psychology: Themes and Variations". I've pretty much finished my stash-eating black rug during my breaks today (yeah, I get a lunch break and all, whoo hoo! Not to mention the night off when the beautiful Bald Man gets home. Yay!)

my living room on a heavenly monday arvo... that's the "fast wheel" (sheesh I'm going to have to name the things to distinguish between them) and the birds' playpen next to the birds' penthouse and the nifty rug we got in Damascus... really must go back there one day... oh and the black thing on the floor is just a stray ball of wool. it must have escaped the basket.

So, all in all a good day, I've finally come up with my topic for my final philosophy essay, and have made a dent in the psych study. Heh. Not to mention there's been the whole added excitement of having had an offer of grrrrly lovin' on the side; however a sub-clause in the Rule of Engagement has just ruled the whole thing out. Oh! Sorry. Back to the real world. I'm sure Cyn's being rude on the tag board just to get another mention on the blog. Go get your own blog, you show-stealing teasing hussy, you!!!

lily doing the "headless chicken" dance... well just sleeping actually. aw! my tiels love an afternoon nap, funny huh. we're all just old women here. meanwhile, phoenix peers at me suspiciously (as usual). he/she had been sleeping peacefully a minute before as well, but isn't quite as laid-back as lilly-pilly is.

Getting this card didn't surprise me in the least. *smiles dreamily and gets back to work* ... I think I'm drunk on afternoon sunlight. Yum.

Sunday, November 02, 2003
Coffee please!
The whole internet knitting thing started with an Aussie yahoo groups lot called knitting-australia. They had this squares exchange thing going, where if you sent someone a square in a colour of their choice, they'd send you back one in a colour of your choice. Being me, I wanted black squares. Being them, they tended to take a bit of creative license with the instruction to "just give me black". Ah well. Knitting in black is notoriously boring and a bit rough on the eyes. (Hey! I wonder if would charge extra for black *thinks about knitting a 1cm square jumper in black silk and goes crosseyed just thinking about it. Och.*) So here is about a year's worth of square exchange squares with the person's names underneath.

Then you add one lazy Friday night and little bit of designing help from the lovely and very helpful Lily (she liked the addition of the yellow smiley face) and voila... one rug. I'm currently crocheting a border round the edge to eat all that leftover black plastic stuff in my stash.

You know how sometimes you hear oldies say that they're a young person inside, just trapped in an old person's body? Well, I have this sneaking suspicious that I'm just a grumpy old hag trapped inside a young body. A bit tragic really, but I'm sure with time this problem will be all sorted out, and one day I'll fulfil my lifelong dream of being a grumpy old hag with a dirty sense of humour in a grumpy old hag's body. There now, that'll be much better, won't it? 

Finally,this is for the lovely Jennywren, who was asking about Landscapes dyes and whether you can change the shade within the same colour. This is some merino top which I bought plain white and dyed with Landscapes dyes. It's all with the same dye, basically I just layered the presoaked top in a container, one layer east-west and the top layer north-south. Then I mixed up some blue dye very concentrated, and put about 4 blobs spaced at about 12, 3, 6 and 9oclock, then I didn't have much dye left so watered the leftover dye right down and blobbed it about at about 4 spots inbetween the other dye spots. The dark bits are the first four blobs, the lighter bits are the later spots. 

Actually this method was only for the piece of wool at the top of the picture. The lower piece of wool had way too much dye used, it was my practice piece... the top one with its eight little blobs of dye, the lower one I had gotten a bit too enthusiastic (and generous) with the dyes.

That pretty much sums up the study-free parts of my weekend, and it's a quiet, low-key entry because I haven't had my coffee yet... the Bald Man said about 20 minutes ago "put the kettle on and I'll make us a cuppa"... he's currently chasing Phoenix around, who's just come to site behind me on the chair to get away from him. Ah! Peaceful Sunday mornings... it's not very often that I'm this mellow, so I'm going to get the hell OFF this computer and go enjoy it. Not to mention remind Luke about that coffee...

Adios darlings, happy Beltane to all you southern hemispherers and happy Halloween to all the northerners. Mmm, one of my favourite cards.

Friday, October 31, 2003
Ye gods...
Ever get the feeling you're in the right spot but maybe not quite the right time?

You have to have a look at this site called "Bugknits". I swear I've never seen anything like it. I was looking at the gloves and jumpers and things thinking, hey, I could do this. And then I look at her latest offerings. Maybe not. Though I just may get out a few pins and some silk tonight and give it a go (that'll be the tragic element of this story, especially after I go crosseyed.)

This woman sells all this stuff. and have a look at the price tags. That's American dollars, my dears, not Aussie. Sheesh. I'm utterly gobsmacked. People actually pay that sort of money for doll's clothes. Am I in the wrong industry? *grin* If only I'd thought of this idea first!

Keepin' it short and sweet now, since I just wrote a mad fun entry and the computer ate it (with a little bit of help from my errant and sometimes excitable left pinky. Ah well.) Off to hit the books, since I've pretty much tried to pretend (unsuccessfully) that all those text books were just a figment of my imagination. Mind over matter is a myth!

Thursday, October 30, 2003
Oh, so pretty!
I swear I'm not a lemming. I really truly promise. I bought this pattern some months ago, and recently there's a wave of people all over the net (well within the knitty people on the net anyway, heh) who are knitting these gorgeous gloves. It's not really much of a coincidence that I just happen to have this pattern, since I suppose if you trawl the web enthusiastically enough you could find bizarre coincidences* everywhere.

Here's a pic of the pattern I bought. (oh, so pretty! Doesn't the model look sooo thoughtful...)

It's a photocopy of a page from a really old magazine called the "Friend" (you can just see "END" sticking out at the top of the torn off corner). It says at the top of the page:

"Just a year ago the 'Friend' gave the first directions ever
published for gloves knitted on traditional Sanquhar lines. From all
over the world requests for the design still reach me. So today I
give another version.

For some reason, this little blurb just tickles me. Yeah, easily amused, I know.

I will eventually get around to knitting these, I'm not sure if I have any wool suitable for them, so I might spin some up. Any excuse, I know.

* while you're looking at this link, check out the chick on the hospital bed. Sheesh lovey, I wish I looked that bloody good after surgery... *snicker* Now I'm gonna tuck my daily card back into the pack and get on with my final essay of the year.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Rant time... hehehe
I have a few little rants which are long standing and well practised. Some of them are even rational and reasonable. Heh.

One of my personal favourites is my "apostrophe rant".

What is with people and their inability to use apostrophes properly??? This cute little thingy is the smallest bit of punctuation you can use, and yet it can just piss me off so mightily that I may, without any warning at all, launch into a loud, impassioned and potentially embarrassing rant.

When my friend Hyacinth came to visit a few weeks ago, one such fit was witnessed by the general public on King Street Newtown, when I completely lost the plot in front of a hairdresser's store which proudly displayed a sign out the front advertising... "HAIRCUT'S". *faints just at the memory of it* Talk about a traumatic moment.

Anyway, off I went. Cynthy watched in amusement, helpfully winding me up every time I slowed down a little. I was doubly annoyed by the fact that their sign and their window differed in the spelling, one having the apostrophe and one where it was thankfully absent. I mean, really. If you're going to be wrong, be consistently wrong. (This philosophy is closely related to that of "that's my story and I'm bloody well sticking to it").

So. Just to top it all off, the Vietnamese Hot Bread Shop next door, God love 'em, showed us all how it was done, with a sign which proclaimed "Alan's Hot Bread". Not that hard, is it? (I mean, hello, these guys don't even have English as their first language!)

Don't even start me on the your-you're. Or the they're there their. And the way people say "off of" *clutches at throat and swoons dramatically*... eg "why won't my computer boot off of its hard drive?" (note the correct use of "its" here... does this almost but not quite make this hideous faux pas acceptable? btw, I did pull this from "off of" *snicker* a real web site but have chosen to not humiliate the author here, hehehehe, just go look at google and it's outta my hands).

For some time, I have believed myself to be alone in this war against bad grammar, and then (it must be a knitter's thing, I dunno) these links started appearing on quite a few knitting blogs... apparently someone's made a Grammar Avengers Webring! Whee!!!

And just to make me feel better, there's this...

Cooooool. Somehow, like misery, I believe nerdity loves company.

Go the daily card... I'm sure a bit of a challenge is good for the soul. Especially when the holidays are only 2 weeks away...

Friday, October 24, 2003
I'm determined to get through uni without having to pull an all-nighter. I'm usually pretty nerdy, and get my assignments done before the day they're due. I did, however, get a bit carried away with my most recent assignment (psych lab report, erk) and stayed up until about 230am last night... er, this morning. I wish I knew how to link a sound to this page, if I did, it would be Weebl saying "I feel like the poop". Yeerrrrr.... Now it's 730am (got up at 6am to finish the report) and I'm giggling insanely at the computer screen. Whooooo boy. I think it's time to have a shower and get on to uni. *heh*

Anyway, remember my little nesting spree and my lovely neat working corner? Well this is what it looks like when the study bomb has hit it. Actually, it's not too bad this time, all the notes taped to the puter come down as I include them in the report, and there are only two coffee cups, and two "almost" unencumbered surfaces (the tall chair and the drafting desk, ooh make that three, the stereo often gets buried too... whoa. Obviously won't get a distinction for this one!)

BTW, the stray bra was removed before the shot was taken, so this is not an entirely authentic example of the havoc wreaked by the study bomb. Mwahahaha...

Yeeeargh. Off I go, it's fresh juice, brekky and shower time for this little nerd.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003
Rub a dub dub, 3 skeins in a tub
Wow. Can life get any more exciting?

Oh, and Dave? SMSing the Bald Man your suggestion that a niddy noddy may be referred to by certain boring non-spinnerly type people as a cross-reel was NOT VERY NICE! Shame on you!!! Now all he has to do to piss me off is waggle his eyebrows and slyly sneer "Crooooooss Reeeeel".

Grrrrrrr......... :-P hehe

Monday, October 20, 2003
Jumping Woolly Kangaroos, Batman!!!
I finally wound the newly plyed wool onto my niddy noddy and twisted it into a skein. Much fun and laughter ensued when the Bald Man decided he was convinced I'd made up the name "niddy noddy" and was just taking the piss.

"Sure it's called a niddy noddy" I say to him, and start rummaging in the office for it. It's only a small thing, and it's come to pieces, so I'm madly throwing stuff all over the place. I hear him come in to the office behind me.

"It's not really called that", he states hopefully. I think he's worried about me. Maybe I've been studying too hard and I'm starting to crack?

"No, no", I say, viciously kicking aside the dust bunny I've just disturbed, and pulling triumphantly on a familiar piece of lathed wood, "it's really called that." I grin evilly. "Trust me".

He looks at me ever more suspiciously. "No one is going to call that bit of wood a niddy noddy" he says with an air of finality, "and I'd be willing to bet on that".

Silly boy. So now he owes me... well, we tend not to bet in actual money, so he owes me the stakes of this sad little bet. Apparently, though, just this morning someone has posted to a spinning list that I'm on that the actual technical name for it is a "Cross Reel". I dunno. It just doesn't sound right. I feel my world begin breaking down and tumbling down about my ears. Will I tell the Bald Man? Oh, the dilemmas of the modern spinner! *faints* How will I ever recover???

Oh yeah. This is the wool. Yay!

Sunday, October 19, 2003
A sordid tale of unbridled lust...
A friend, whose nickname is Sooty (his other one is Godboy, though I think I'm the only one who calls him that... who loves ya, Godboy! Huh, huh?), sent this to a list I'm on the other day. Sharing is caring, so here it is.

I laughed so hard I felt like I'd done 50 situps. I love it. Go you sexy little pig!

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