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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Knitting can be a criminal activity
That's right my friends. Your knitting could cost you a fine, or even a gaol sentence!

Well maybe not the gaol sentence.

I was happily knitting away (my muminlaw's sock, which I then undid and restarted on bigger needles anyway) in the very stationary traffic at a set of traffic lights a few days ago when a siren goes off right next to me and I look over to see a bemused looking police officer indicating that I should wind down my window.

Cop: You know that's illegal?
What I wanted to say: Not bloody likely mate, now push off and leave me alone!
What I actually said (quite meekly): Really? (yeh, I'm a really verbal gymnast at times)
Cop: Yes it is.
What I wanted to say next: Well tell me which law forbids knitting at the traffic lights, smartarse!
What I actually said (again, quite meekly): Oh. What, sitting still at the lights, knitting??? (I know. I think he was blown away by my formidable use of the English language in all its beauty and complexity)
Cop: Yeh, so put it away, all right?
What I wanted to say next: Oh just fuck off and book a real criminal wontcha? Where the hell were you when I got bailed up in a servo by some psycho for half an hour last year? HUH??????? SHITHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!
What I actually said (face now burning with embarrassment): Okay, I'll put it away then.


As the absolutely wonderful (and probaby verbally superior) Lyndell said (when I posted it to the legendary justdoitknits yahoo group):

Huh ! what about all the people who drive with the Mobile glued to the
ear? what about people driving along in mid domestic argument, what about people who put make-up on at the lights, squeeze zits at the lights ... I mean you see people doing all sorts of unspeakable things while they are waiting at traffic lights. What about the idiot in a silver sports car (obvious mid-life crisis in full-bloom) who tried to flatten me this morning when I was walking on the footpath and he wanted to turn into the drive way - sorry but pedestrian has right of way when driveway crosses footpath.

Sorry, but why can't you knit at the lights? I don't get it. If you're
going to skewer anyone with the needles it'll be yourself - and no-one is going to let you sit at the lights once they've gone green. That's the definition of a spit second isn't it? being the time between the lights going green and someone behind you honking their horn.

Someone tried to hassle me about knitting in the train a while ago and I
told them I'd been doing it for years and hadn't managed to skewer anyone ... yet. Said the last bit with an evil smirk which seemed to work - well it was pre-1st-coffee-of-the-day.

Yeah, what she said. Thanks Lyndell!

Thursday, August 07, 2003
Josh, my nephew, who is a distant relation of Satan
I know that makes me a distant relation too, but I'm pretty sure he's closer. Trust me. He is sooo cute but he's really really smart and knows where everyone's buttons are, and ain't afraid to press em. No wonder I love him so much *snicker*

So. This is my nephew, Josh. Awww! In honour of (finally) working out how to post photos directly on to the page, I've put his picture up. Knitting-related too, which is always ideal on a knitting blog. Heh.

Now how cute is that. The kid, too. Hehehehe...

I was knitting something else when he came up to me and got all curious, like kids and other similar bizarre life forms are wont to do...

Adorable Demon Child: Hey Mon, what's that? *points*
Me: This is knitting Josh. I'm making a jumper.
Adorable Demon Child (after a very very short pause): Hey Mon
Me: Yes Josh?
Adorable Demon Child: Can you knit me a jumper?
Me: Yeh, sure.
Adorable Demon Child: A black one?
Me (with slightly raised eyebrow): Yeeeh...
Adorable Demon Child (warming to his new designing capabilities): With a white skull on it???
Me (now thoroughly approving): Yeh, no problem little man.
Adorable Demon Child: Now?
Me: Kiddo, you gotta lot to learn about life. Gimmee a coupla weeks.

Adorable Demon Child notices something sparkly on other side of room and bounces off, distracted. This does not stop him from expressing his ire when he realises a few hours later that I haven't started his jumper yet. It doesn't matter to him that I'm currently knitting in pink, yellow, green, blue and purple, and suggests a yellow skull on a purple background when I explain to him that I have no black or white with me. He also reminds me of my obligations the next time I see him.

Heard a comedian once comment that 3 year olds are so single minded that they could probably rule the world but for their tendency to get distracted. I'm inclined to agree, and stretch the age window a few years.

So there you go. It was a bit big for him when I finished it, but he's growing like mad. Bet it fits him now. And he was so excited when I gave it to him (see photo... heh) that I practically had to scrape him off the ceiling to pose for the photo.

Now all I have to do is post something a little bit more recent than last winter's knitting! :-) Patience and all that. I'm tired. Viruses (particularly cold and flu ones) suck.

(today's card also sucked. 8 of swords. But hey, that's life. It ain't all socknitting.

Just typed such a cool entry for today...
and it got eaten!

I cuss blogdrive!

I cuss the internet!!!

AND I CUSS THE FRENCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S ALWAYS THEIR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm not sure why, I'm just following the apparent majority vote on this one.)

Wednesday, August 06, 2003
Sharing is Caring. NOT!!!
Grr. Thanks for the dose of the flu, O Bald One!

Feeling rather crappy now, must to bed immediately. Knitted a whole 4 rows of sock today. Yeh, some days I just amaze myself. *snort*

I'm not sure I remember but I'm pretty sure my card this morning was Ace of Wands. Yeh, that came in handy for my tutorial presentation for criminology today. Which I do remember. Sort of. Sleeping now. Good night!

Tuesday, August 05, 2003
Return of the Traffic Light Knitter
No, that doesn't mean I'm making red yellow and green stripey stuff. Eep!

Now that I've remembered how much time uni takes up, I figure the only time I'm going to get for knitting, unless I'm really organised with my study time, is my old trick of nursing the knitting while I drive and knitting madly at the (many) traffic lights between here and my dear old university at Bankstown.

*remembering knitting the Souths jumper at traffic lights for the Bald Boy...*

I pull up at the lights on King Georges and Canterbury Road. Yay! This is a huge intersection and I'll get at least a whole row done while I'm waiting. Talk about a win-win situation... if the lights change quickly I get home faster. If the lights change slowly I knit more! I love my life.

I'm happily purling away (I have no irrational fear of the purl stitch at all, I'm glad to say) when a car pulls up next to me with a man and his young son as passenger. The boy, who's probably about 12, grins cheekily as his father leans over and says something to him.

"What're you knitting?" he asks me across the few metres between our open car windows.

I hold up the green and red striped sleeve, half done. "A South Sydney jumper for my hubby. He's a mad fan" I explain.

They approve.

"Go the BUNNIES!" they both roar with ferocious glee, just as the arrow turns green and they zip away around the corner, leaving me convulsed with laughter. Life is good.

So. Since the mum-in-law has been eyeing off the socks I've knitted for the legions of sisters lately, I might make the next pair for her, and socks are perfect on-the-road knitting. I wonder if I'll finish that green shirt by next SSK...

Today's card: The Fool... what's with all the major arcana cards lately???

Now why the heck don't I live next door to this shop????????

Mmmmm... scroll down to the dog and the shop stuff starts. Actually, it's probably better that I don't (live next door, that is)... WANNA PLAY IN THE TOWER OF KOIGU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheesh, look at the time! I'm going to bed...

Monday, August 04, 2003
I think I'll knit during the movie
The Bald and the not-quite-Beautiful are off to the movies today (after several choir and business related chores have been done) to see Travelling Birds. I've seen it already, but Luke hasn't, so off we go. Yay! So, since I'm just stocking stitching that green sleeve at the moment, I'm sure no one will mind if I lug in the knitting, right?

Card for today:
Ten of Wands. Grrr! Gimme a break! Or a surprise, at least!!! Tell me something I don't know already...

Sunday, August 03, 2003
The green "shirt" progresses
So... today I slept in for waaay too long considering I have business paperwork and uni reading and homework to do. Blech. Well, what are Sundays for?

Yesterday was bigger than big fun, it was the first SSK (Sydney Sity Klickers) meet that I'd been to in over a month, whee! We all meet at a cafe in Newtown and knit our little heads off for a few hours, drinking heaps of coffee and eating yummy stuff and gossing and cackling the entire time.

So it was "show off the treasure" time, and an opportunity get into that green sleeve. I only have one sleeve to go now on my cute little shirt, and then the neck which will take all of about 2 seconds, and voila! There's even enough winter left to wear it it.

The shirt (since I can't download photos, you'll just have to imagine really hard) is made of handspun (yeh I spun it too) green wool, a very airy, light chunky wool which knits to about 1 stitch per 1cm (that's 2 1/2 stitches per inch for all you quaint darlings who haven't come across to the dark side of metric yet *hehehe*).

It's my first attempt to go completely pattern free, and the logic behind such a chunky wool for this was twofold - first of all, I couldn't find a pattern for such humungous yarn. Secondly, if it didn't work and I had to frog - which I have, on numerous occasions - it knits up so fast there's no tears shed.

Mostly just plain old stocking stitch to show off the lovely thick-and-thin (not as dramatic as Colinette) texture of the yarn, with a 4-row moss stitch cuff and *bit-around-the-waist* (don't know that word, or having a Sunday morning mental blank). It's fairly fittted, comes to the waist rather than falling beyond it, and has a 3-d sort of crossed-dropped stitch detail around the waist and just above the cuffs. When I finish it I'll be sure to model, photograph, and post it somewhere. The colour is HEAVENLY, and nothing like the green I'm currently typing in. *grin*

So. Now I'm off to paperwork my head off for the rest of the day. If I finish at a decent time, I may even get into that final sleeve. Whee!

Tarot card for the day: Moon. Hmm. Not quite what I was hoping for. Better luck tomorrow, and back to the books.

Saturday, August 02, 2003
Acupuncture ROCKS!
Well I must say that acupuncture is the be-all end-all of medicine. Well, in some cases anyway. In the case of the flu - DEFINITELY!

The Beautiful Bald Man got dragged off for his second treatment of acupuncture for the rather nasty case of flu the other day, and blow me if he ain't bouncing off the walls, the picture of almost-returned health. The doc's name is Kuan Chan, and he practises in Marrickville and Bankstown (Sydney for all you furriners) and he's the bomb. God love ya doc. Beware if you decide to go to this wonderful man for treatment, he'll lecture the crap out of you if you do silly things like go to him so late in your illness you think you're gonna die, or work while ill. He really is quite adorable, gotta love a doctor with absolutely no sense of the customer always being right.

And what did I do in the waiting room? Designed lovely swirly patterns for my (as yet unstarted) alpaca jumper of course! They're coming along quite nicely, though with the wavey oceanic look of them I wish there was such a thing as a blue-green alpaca. Hmmm.

Tarot card for the day:
King of Pentacles. Since I drew it with Luke (aka the Bald Man) in mind, I'm happy (and hardly surprised) with this one.

Thursday, July 31, 2003
Och, it's going to turn into a study blog!!!
I started my 2nd semester of uni on Tuesday. Yeee! I thought I had it bad in the first semester, but this term is going to be huge.

Did anyone realise I was a nerd? I'm a nerd of the nerdiest nerdity. I study in every available hour. My knitting and spinning is suffering!!!! Noooo!!! I have so much to do and no time to do it in.

So I'm working on the choir's songbook today before I reeeeally have to start studying. Our choir kicks freckle, we're soooo good. Hehehehe... Come and see us if you don't believe me.

Anyway, the songbook. Needs a neato calligraphic cover which I'm about to start now, and then off to the printers go I.

Then I get to sit and read a heap of criminology stuff for uni, and start on next week's presentation. Get that crap out of the way early, yay! Less crap to worry about when the essays are due.
As far as knitting goes, there's some really neat charity thing on which the ABC is running, it's on tomorrow morning, see this site for the details. Can't make it unfortunately, cos I reckon it would be fun, but surprise surprise, little nerdybum here is off to a lecture. Philosophy of the Enlightenment actually. Sounds interesting huh? I'm yet to find out.

Anyway, I made a square anyway, and passed it on to a mate who is making one too and will be dropping it in. Thanks Adele, ya rock!

Wull, better get on to it. The SUMS Songbook waits for no one.

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