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Tuesday, September 23, 2003
An inordinate fondness for beetles

I'm a bit of a greeny some days.

It's hard being a greeny when you live in a whopping great big bloody city. Well, Sydney isn't that big compared to great big places like Hong Kong, but compared to other cities in Australia it's big. And anyway, if you doubt the power of Australian cities to completely fuck up the planet, just remember that while you think other cities might be bigger and better, well this proud country is the second biggest producer of greenhouse gasses behind You-Know-Who and the 2nd largest producer of waste per capita behind the same. Not bad for such a tiny pissy little country, huh?

They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. I'm inclined to disagree in favour of ridicule. But hey, they're both lots of fun.

So where was all of this going before I got all green and indignant? (Plastic bags are the devil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oops, there I go again)Ö I was going to tell you all a little diversionary story about my garden, and the little dudes who live there. Not fairies. Other little creepy crawly things.

I have a little herby garden in pots on my little urban balcony. Itís mostly pesticide freeÖ itís amazing what the magpies around here will eat, and I think theyíve worked out that our balcony has good feeding on it, cos the snails and bugs never last long enough to get a bite of my plants these days. Unfortunately, my tulip plant will never flower, due to the magpiesí fascination with it. They stand next to it and run their beak up all the leaves, god knows why. But hey. They eat the snails, and itís all good.

So one fine day about 2 years ago, Iím playing about in the garden, and tug on the rosemary plant while weeding about the place, and the whole plant practically comes free. Poor little thing, when I pull it up, most of its roots are gone. So I put my hands into the soil and out comes this great big weird white grub curled up in a fat circle about an inch across. Bloody ugly. I do my typical female squeaking in horror type reaction and go "like, EW!" and off it goes (instant flying lessons over the side of the balcony). Upon further investigation, I see that the whole potís infested, and theyíre happily munching away on the plantís root system. Mmm. Yummy.

Anyway, off I go to the nursery with a few in a jar of soil. Turns out theyíre Christmas beetle larvae. Awwww! Beetle babies!!! So, since I have a bit of a nostalgic soft spot for Chrissy beetles, I decide not to poison them. The nice boy at the nursery informs me that if I water the plant with detergent in with the water, they go away of their own accord, since they donít like the phosphorous in it. Wonít hurt em, just makes em itchy or something.

So. The following year, when the rosemary plant is very clean from being watered with soapy water for a whole year, there they are again! What theÖ

I go and confront my bottle of dishwashing detergent and screech at it. I feel better for a minute. Until I notice the little sign on it.

"Environmentally Friendly"

Yeah, yeah, we know that. Thatís why we spend extra money to buy it, right?

In smaller writing, just underneath (and by way of explanation):

"Phosphorous free".


And why am I telling this story, two years on?

I go out there to pick some rosemary for the lamb pie. Yum. No Christmas Beetle babies. Oh no. Not this time. Just a whole bloody ant's nest. Yay for the diversity of nature, and god's inordinate fondness for beetles (not to mention other insects)

Thursday, September 18, 2003
Tsk tsk! It's been a whole week!
A whole week. Sheesh loveys, unbelievable.

So, today I'm still studying. It will all be back to real life after the 26th, I have done three of those assessment tasks and have two to go. Yee-har!

Just had a top morning hanging out at a cafe stuffing my face and am now procrastinating, since the last 2 essays I have to write are really not the most appealing things to be doing right about now. Ah! Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow???

Yeeeeah. I'll start soon, I'm sure.

No knitting. Sorry chookies. You know some times in your life there's just a dearth of all the things you love, you're so miserable and disillusioned with life, and you just want to write ten thousand pathetic entries into your blog like:

- I'm so miserable
- No one understands me
- I want to die
- I'm so fecking stressed/busy/depressed/picked on/hard done by/*sob* etc!
- I wish I was one of the world's starving Africans, man, I'm sure they've got it so much better than me, like, they must be soooo much more happier than a pathetic sod like me sitting at home using my daddy's internet connection
- Boo hoo!

 and hope that people write back you and say one or a combination of the following soppy comments:

- Oh, you're so brave! Please, please don't kill yourself! You'll have time for knitting again really soon!
- I felt like that too, and then I found Jesus. (He was behind the couch with the dust bunnies. Lazy bastard might have swept out while he was there.) 
- Remember, God loves you! (this phrase will inspire my previously untapped homicidal resources faster than any other I've ever read)
- You're so deep and poetic, have you ever thought of writing a book?
- I know, those Africans are SO fucking the planet over, I mean, they just keep breeding, it's so crap...
- etc etc.

So. Nothing like that, darlings. Life is pretty good, I have a belly full of a decadent cafe breakfast, a couple of essays to write, and a rehearsal to get to by 6pm. I think I'll *just* cope.

The big fibre excitement of the week was that I finally picked up my new spinning wheel. But hey, I think I've just inspired myself to get the *blip* off my butt and get the reading for my next essay done (since I spent about 4 hours trawling the university databases for it, heh). So I'll tell that story another day, along with a scan of the first yarn sample I spun on it. Mmm. It'll be worth the wait, I'm sure. I bet people just hang out to hear about what wool I've spun. *snort*

Yee. I think I'd better go... must be premenstrual or something. *shrug* Knight of Swords was today's card. I PROMISE I pull these cards at random from a tarot deck. I really truly do.

Friday, September 12, 2003
Hope and Gloria
So while I'm on non-knitting related stuff, here's a link to our upcoming concert. We're singing with SGLC (Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir) and if you grab a SUMS (Sydney Uni) chorister afterwards you can come to the post concert party too! Tell em you know Monica the Librarian and it'll all be good. I might even be there. *snicker*

So. This is a link to the details...

and honestly, Sydney people, can you think of anything better to do with your Sunday arvo besides a picnic lunch at the botanical gardens and then pop over to the Conservatorium right next door for a concert of gorgeous music while you digest? Huh??? Any better suggestions?

Thought not.

See you there :-)

Drew 9 of wands today. I'm thinking... tons of uni work. Yup, persistance is indeed good advice.

Thursday, September 11, 2003
Not knitting, just too much other stuff to do.

Though I do have a cute photo from SSK the other day which Jenny took with her rather nifty digital camera... That's me. Sort of. Funny photo, I'm actually extremely UN-camera shy, so I don't usually end up with my face hidden, I'm much more likely to be grinning like a mad thing, all teeth bared and eyes about to go awol. So there you go.

The waiter at Barmuda said I looked like Evil Heidi after I took my empty coffee cup to him and begged Oliver-style for more. Mwahahahahaha!

BTW, the jumper I'm wearing is something I made yeeeeears ago (still lived at home then, sheesh loveys!) and it's from the wonderful Bendigo Woollen Mill's cotton. I knitted it over ten years ago and it hasn't stretched or lost its shape. It's gloriously soft, lush cotton and I think I need some more really soon.

Amazingly enough, the jumper has bobbles. (At the time I still wasn't confident enough to alter patterns. Hey! I was 17 or something!) This may come as a surprise to those of you who are aware of my *lowers voice conspiratorially* bobble phobia. Yes my friends, I have an inordinate fear of knitted bobbles! They're reeeeeeally creepy.

However, these ones have been quite seriously flattened by the inevitable march of time, so they don't freak me out quite so much as they could. *phew!*

Now, on another note. I would do ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! ANYTHING, I swear it, if I could just get my greedy little mitts on some of these. (Thinks about Faust and decides to qualify that statement - *almost* anything.)

So. If anyone knows of where I could get some, I'm ready to negotiate. I'm a fantastic calligrapher, a slightly above average knitter, a pretty damn decent cook, and would be willing to trade my services gladly for a packet of these. Since I'm quite happily married though, this does of course exclude sexual favours. Sorry. *snort*

Oooh, what do the cards say about my day? 2 of Pentacles. Yay! I'm off on a hot date. The Bald Man's taking me to brekky, whoo hoo! Mmmmmm.... eggs benedict... *dashes off, drooling madly*

Monday, September 08, 2003
Blue and pink stripes galore...
In the fine tradition of day-time soaps, where you can check in every month or so and still not miss anything crucial, the knitting blog blogs on...

OK, I know I'm not *really* a very revolutionary knitter, more just a little bit exploratory. I got to scan in some yarn that I spun up a couple of weeks ago, and dyed in stripes of pink and blue (see entry for Sunday August 17th) and here it is:

So. What I was actually aiming at with the dying was stripes. Not little pissy stripes (like what I actually GOT... grr) but nice big long ones, a la Regia's Miniringel sockyarn

What I ended up with was something probably a lot more like Tapestry's variegated colour (see Jan 28th entry at the very bottom of the page... and thanks to the "Simplicitly Stitched" blog for a top pic of what it looks like knitted up). Which is nice, but not quite what I was after.

So. My idea on self-made miniringel dyed yarn???

(just an aside here, I'd like to point out Aussies' obsession with the sockyarn thing. You can't get the stuff in Australia very easily, and when you do it costs a PACKET. So. If one can make one's own... in a word, YAY!)

So. I microwave dye, which is great for nice dyes like Landscapes, and easy for a person who lives in a tiny little unit (American translation: apartment *snicker*) like mine. You know those nifty chip 'n' dip plates with say three or four sections which the plate is divided into? What you could do is to put one stripes worth of yarn (maybe a couple of metres) in the first section, then a stripes worth of yarn into the next one, etc, etc and keep going around until your yarn is used up, then fill each section with a different colour dye. Cover with cling wrap or a lid, and zap until dyed...

Et voila darlinks! Home made true blue Aussie ringel! Ooh. I like it. The only problem I have yet to sort out is the fact that yarn arranged like this whilst wet is likely to have some serious tangling issues some time in its very near future. We're working on that. :-)

Today's card? Bloody well forgot, in the rush to get to uni on time (I usually don't go in on Mondays, but today is special - essay due). However, I did remember to take my multivitamin, so it's all good. *snort* Meanwhile, back to the research for my psych essay. Ta ta!

PS... pulled a card for today. Of course it's a knight, when I'm rushing about in such a hurry. *grin*

Friday, September 05, 2003
One down, four to go!
I did give warning that this would turn into the occasional study blog.

So! I'm just popping the final paragraph into a little Rousseau essay. Rousseau. What a romantic. *snort*

Life is waaaay too much fun at the moment. Sorta. In the next few weeks I've got:

Five assessment tasks due between now and the 26th (well, four after tonight)
A choir concert on 20th and 21st (not to mention numerous rehearsals between then and now... eep!)
A wedding tomorrow. Not mine, thank god. (I can only do that shit once thank you!)
A mate staying for a week from Perth (Whee! This should be the fun bit)
A hubby going away for a weekend (no, no wild parties. Shtuddy shtuddy shtuddy mate!)

Blogging may become a tiiiny bit quieter until all those essays and reports are out of the way... until then, I'm just going to have to be content with limiting my regular contact with knitting needles to the more mundane uses, like:

- keeping handy while walking home from the train station at night ("I'm a desperate woman armed with a sharp metal thingy here, and have four more stuck through a half-made sock"... Not quite an action-heroine line, but getting there)
- poking snoring Bald Men (never underestimate the power of a 2.5mm dpn on one's bedside table)
- disciplinary tool for misbehaving cockatiels (you *know* I'm serious here... LOL little buggers are psychotic in spring)
- tying my hair up while reading saucy novels in the bathtub... (current favourite chemical free mood enhancer)
- cake tester (mmm... carrot cake... *drool*)
- magic wand (must tell Lyndell's cool story about knitting needle wands one day... very useful tools for fairy godmothers)

Well chooklings, it's finish off the Rousseau essay, and while I'm on a roll and connected to the web I'll be off trawling psych journals for brain hemisphere specialisation articles. Oh joy!

Got my old friend The Hermit today. I must say, he's almost my favourite card, after the Empress. :-)

Thursday, September 04, 2003
Haaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiii KU!


like return journeys

the second sock always takes

much less time to knit

You got it, habibis!!! Jude's first sock is finished, and on to the second before I get distracted and start something else. I think that the theory of return journeys applies to socks as well.

You know when you're travelling somewhere, especially long distance, especially up the freeway to Cessnock to visit the family, and it takes AAAAAGES to get there. Then you play for a while, hang out, eat drink and be merry and then bundle yourself back into your car and do it all again but in reverse, and that trip home always seems to take less time.

Anyway, it always seems to me that once that first sock has been done... voila. The 2nd one takes half the amount of time. Or maybe it's just the horrible realisation that I'm being stuck with the same thing twice, and I'm just repressing all that heel turning and repetition. It's just one of those little mysteries in life, like why driving from Cessnock to Sydney takes less time than driving from Sydney to Cessnock. Which is really weird, because when I lived in Cessnock, I'm absolutely positive it was the other way round.

3 of cups today. I was hoping for a sword since I'm studying but hey, happiness is good. Be well everyone, and wish me luck getting this essay finished today. It's only 1500 words, so it's just a baby. :-)

Tuesday, September 02, 2003
Lovin' the scanner at uni...
Ooh! Got to use the scanner at uni today. So, in lieu of actually knitting anything of consequence - I'm doing the toe on Judy's socks at the moment - I'm putting up a skirt design.

So, I saw this lady at choir the other night with a lush knitted skirt on. It's knitted sideways, that is a row goes from the waist down to the hem, then you knit the next row from the hem back to the waist. It was actually in garter stitch, and I'm usually not much of a fan of anything knit in garter stitch.

It fell from a fairly fitted waist and hips almost to her ankles, and at the bottom it flared out in sections. So basically I've thought to myself, "I can do that with shortrowing". Maybe the diagram below will help it make a bit of sense...

Anyway, the general idea is to have several of the short row triangles, maybe 6 or 7, at the bottom half or the bottom 1/3 of the skirt, to give it "swishy fullness"! Ooh, I could almost be a soprano in a skirt like this!

I've scanned some shortrowing pictures from the latest Vogue Knitting. Hopefully they won't sue me for this, as it's just to show what shortrowing looks like, and y'all can link to 'em here and go subscribe to their mag like I do. Go on, shoo, spend, consume!

So this is what their pic of shortrowing looks like, and you can insert the triangle into the triangle of my diagram above...

Nifty, huh? Can anyone see this skirt??? I tell you what. When I get around to making it, some time this century, I'll take a picture. It's gonna be great.

Nowhere near a tarot deck at the moment, and forgot to draw a card this morning. Too bloody sick and distracted to think of anything else besides getting to my lecture on time, darlinks! Now, I'm going to home to eat, sleep and do all that exciting stuff which becomes such a chore when you've got your second round of flu-bug for the month! :-P

Saturday, August 30, 2003
Naughty Nanna is trying to infect me with startitis... and it's working dammit!
I'm resisting the "startitis" bug valiantly... despite having no time and waaay too many UFO's anyway, I have promised myself that I just can't buy any more stuff till all my un-processed stuff (fleece, yarns etc) are all gone. I cuss living in a tiny tiny unit!!! Grrr!

Anyway, found this on another (rather impressive) blog... yummy yummy socks, to completely change my view that socks are brainless easy-peasy non-thinking knitting. This is the blog, this is the socks page, and THESE are what I am busting to start. Unfortunately, I don't have a suitable yarn in the stash, so it's just going to have to go on the "wannado" list. I must say that I'm so impressed with Catherine's stuff, and must steal some of her designs for my poor cold feet and head!

Actually, if I'm really sneaky, I can get around my own "don't buy any more stuff" rule... I can SPIN the yarn from the merino top I have just innocently floating about waiting to be dyed and spun up. Ooooh! I'm getting diabolically sly and clever in my old age!!!!!! Yummy celtic designs, here I come!

By the way, hello to the nice god-boy who popped into my blog to say hi the other day. It's nice to see that there are Christians out there who are madly passionate about their faith but who don't shove it down other people's throats. I've had a bit of a problem with overly zealous Christians in the past and was aaaalmost ready to lump 'em all in the same pain-in-the-butt category, but it's always a pleasure to have one's grumpy and cynical views proven wrong. Love your stuff, Boj. I'll send you a nice postcard from hell one day. *big wink*

:-) Pulled the seven of wands today. (puts on best legally-blonde annoying voice) Like, *duh*. Tell me something I didn't know. Hehe. You gotta laugh.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003
Ah for god's sake...
In the absence of any real knitting going on in my life, I'm just gonna have a good bitch. 

The fill-in choir conductor dressed me down royally in front of the entire choir tonight for knitting. I object strongly to that. It was sniggering, giggling and ignoring his cues that he should have dressed me down for, the knitting was completely irrelevant. So there. Blaaaat!

Have a look at this horrible article. People are so hideous. Blech. It was posted to a knitgroup I'm on, sparking the general opinion that the woman was just poking a stick in a hornet's nest and doesn't deserve a response. Considering how bloody tired I am, I'm inclined to agree! I'm sure I'll get all crappy about it when I've got the energy, really. LOL...

She must be a really really REALLY bad knitter, as Peter so gently pointed out. *snort* God love ya Nanna.

And I swear, if I don't get through my stash by the end of the year.... ACK!!!!!!!!! I wanna buy new stuff and I've got nowhere to put it! So my only logical choice is to knit as fast as I can and get rid of my stash. So far, I've knitted a green shirt which needs the sleeves re-done, a stripey bunyip jumper which needs the sleeves redone, and about 5 pairs of socks, which are boring me STUPID!!!!!!!!!! Waaah!

Next life, I'm gonna be a man, so I can have a wife to do all the stuff I do. I'm also gonna have a really low IQ so I don't have the burning desire to get educated to avoid wasting my brain. Yeah, that sounds good.

I'm looking forward with sweeeet anticipation to the Christmas holidays. Ooooh yeah baby.

Drew the High Priestess today.

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