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I moved to Canberra last November, and am now involved in the best Canberra knitting group! ... so any locals or visitors interested, go on over to Canberra Stich N Bitch yahoo group and join us in our dark endeavours! I mean, creative meeting of minds... er, yeah. Something like that. We meet at Starbucks in Civic on the first Thursday evening of every month, and the third Sunday of the month at 2pm. Come along! If you feel shy, feel free to post online first, or email someone to ask a few questions. :):):) If you want, use the contact button and I'll give you my details so we can get in touch. Always happy to get the interesting people of Canberra out of the woodwork... I know you're there, ya just hard to find sometimes *chuckle*

Sydney Knitting Adventures continue at "my" previous knitting group in Newtown: Meet up for coffee, cake, and knitting adventures galore at Barmuda Cafe, Australia Street Newtown. It's opposite the police station, and across the intersection from Newtown Train Station.

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Monday, February 02, 2004
Harris the well-clad fish
In the continuing absence of any serious knitting (oh! the tragedy of it all!) I've decided it's time for another story.

This is the story of... *ba-dum-ba-dum-daaaaa* Harris the Well Clad Fish.

I had this most gorgeous little Siamese fighting fish in a big vase called Harris. He was called Harris, after a song called Harris the Well Clad Fish sung by a little Texan band called Hambone Pie. Very cool music. Harris looked a bit like this:

Anyway, Harris lived in my office at my last job (with a financial planner). He was a pretty neat little dude, he'd come out and glare at you, he'd stick out all his fins if he saw anything red or shiny (like my lairy painted nails or a mirror) and if you hovered your finger above his vase he'd jump up and bite you.

Anyone who knows a little bit about Siamese fighters will know that you can't put more than one into a tank, because they (duh) fight each other to death. Not good, unless you're considering setting up some illegal betting in your loungeroom. So, Harris was a solitary bachelor. He attracted many pitying comments like "he must be lonely", "you must get him a friend"... finally some clever little button informed me that you can put other fish in with Siamese fighters - girl Siamese fighters.

The nice man at the pet shop gave me the story. Yes, you can put girl fighters in with your sexy little red Harris. However, he explained, they're randy little buggers, so you have to get them more than one, so they don't... well, harrass them to death. He just happened to have three cute little chicky babe fighters in his tank at the time. They're tiny, much smaller than the males, no big trailing fins, and pale brown. Very plain.

I called them Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, after the Three Fates. Maybe this was my fatal mistake. At the time, and since you couldn't tell them apart, I thought it would be a cool and cute name-set for the harem.

I got Harris a larger container, and introduced him to his new harem of lovely chicky-babes. He was ECSTATIC. He chased them around the little tank excitedly, just as Mr Pet Shop Man said he would. I figured they didn't mind too much, after all there were three of them, and that should be enough to keep any man busy, right?


Harris had always been just fine over the weekend in the office, and happily munched his food on Monday morning with relish. However, something was very wrong this morning when I came in.

Harris had no fins left.

The whole cool thing about Siamese fighters is that they have longer more luscious finnage than I do hair. And that's quite a lot (just past my waist these days). There really is something truly pathetic about a finless, pussy-whipped fish. Poor Harris.

The girls had decided that enough was enough, and the three of them had ganged up on poor little Harris and bashed the living crap out of him, and then torn all his fins off. Instead of the usual rich scarlet, my poor little baby was a dull washed-out maroon.

I took the Three Fates back to the not-so-in-the-good-books Pet Shop Man. I told him where he could put his horrid little bitches.

Harris eventually recovered, growing his fins back and living to the ripe old age of 18 months.

My ex-boss's wife murdered him when I went overseas for 7 weeks.

I'm thinking of getting another Harris and setting him up in my office here. 

An immediate vow of celibacy will be enforced upon his arrival.

Sunday, February 01, 2004
Take one cricket match, add spinning wheel, stir gently...

...and voila darlinks! One fantastic day of fun, photos, spinning, and explaining to people "yes, I spin my own wool", "no, it probably isn't much cheaper in the long run at all, actually", and "because I LIKE TO, ALL RIGHT???"

a beautiful day

So while the Bald Man's cricket team lost their game by a mere 17 runs (I think...? I don't take an enormous interest in the game) I made this:

a day's worth of spinning, or "what I did with my Saturday"

2 1/2 bobbins of fairly fine gauge spinning is probably the most I've ever done in one day, but hey, the game went for 6 hours, and I had a bit of help from a fellow spinner…


who hopped all over my wheel, then jumped about 10cm to my outstretched and pointing finger (much to my shock at the time…) as if sitting in the middle of a park spinning doesn’t attract enough quizzical looks as it is, let alone laughing hysterically at my own spinning jokes and then screaming in surprise and then having a conversation with a jumping spider. Whoo boy. The cricket boys think I’m a bit touched as it is, but yesterday’s antics just confirmed it.

So, very little in the way of knitting, as I’ve lost my pattern for the PNW shawl and darling Peter is supplying me with the final instructions page, and I’ve also lost the pattern for my half-knitted socks. Yee. I’m so efficient, it’s frightening. So, another spinning day, coming up. Meanwhile, I might just succumb to startitis and go stash-diving later today, and see what I can come up with. I’ve gotten a copy of A Clockwork Orange on cassette to listen to today while I go at it.

The other highlight of the day was that Emma turned up with her and Dominic’s new baby boy, Blake, who was born Thursday 22d January. Very cute, and rather well behaved so far! Such cuteness defies words. This must be a photo moment. (If you know Dom and Em, and want to see more pics of Blake at the cricket, hit the contact button and I'll add you to my yahoo group.)

the bald and the beautiful

em and blake

sweet feet

Sorry for the rather picture-heavy post... I hope you enjoyed them and that they were worth the wait! Be well, and catch you later.

Saturday, January 31, 2004
Goey the chocolate mouse
I can't believe it. We have a new little resident in our home (soon to be squished if it's up to me). We've called him Goey because he moves so fast, all you can see is a little chocolate-coloured streak.

Yup, we gotta mouse. And it's not a pet.

The Bald Man and I, amidst much screaming and laughter, chased him around the unit for about half an hour this morning, and he hightailed it back under the stove after a few laps of the spare room. With any luck we've scared the living crap out of the poor little bugger and he won't be back. Just to make sure, I'm investing in a trap or two.

With any luck, Herman the huntsman's latest offspring (pictured here, and welcome resident of our home) will catch him and make mouse soup out of him. Yummy!

a cute furry baby huntsman on the window. aw!


Sunday, January 25, 2004
Arty farty day

As some of you already know, my friend Cynthy has recently moved here from Perth and is flatting with us until she can find her own place. I must say she may be the best flatmate in the world… firstly, I haven’t seen her for several days. Secondly, I found money pinned to my little kitchen notice board this morning from her. Wow! I need more friends like this!!! *snicker*

Anyway, we’re both off to the art gallery later today to see the Caravaggio exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. Purrrrrr. Love those rich deep colours. In the meantime, it’s just me and my wheel, next to the birdlings.

I gave them a shower with the squirty water bottle yesterday afternoon, which they loved, rolling about their perches fluffing and flapping madly. There are few things more bizarre looking than drenched pets. I have GOT to take a photo next time, since Lily sniffed "how undignified!" and refused to pose. Heh. Princess.

Ooer, just had a closer look at the art gallery site and ArtExpress is on too. Whoo hoo! *runs off, abandoning spinning wheel, to go into the city*...

Saturday, January 24, 2004
Happiness is like chocolate... it does the same thing without the weight gain
Well, it does! It makes a sweet taste in your mouth, makes you smile, makes you feel good, and fills your tummy with good warm stuff. Yay!

It's been a pretty gorgeous day, all in all. I walked to SSK in the most hideous humid heat, and despite being somewhat creepy, the coolness of the tunnel which goes under the train line was most welcome.

Slightly creepy-lookin' tunnel

I came across this rather adorable cat, who was making the most of the brick wall that was obviously the coolest spot he could find. I stopped and said hello, and he was too hot and drowsy to get up, though he did purr and flex his claws appreciatively when I gave him a scratch on the ears.

I want one!

I spent the 20 minute walk weaving drunkenly from one side of the road to the other, dodging from shadow to shadow in an attempt to escape the worst of the sun, which was at its most unforgiving today. Worse still, a storm was brewing and so the air was still and heavy and full of moisture. Blech. Makes for a very sticky Squeakling who arrived at knitting group today. Yay for the airconditioning at Barmuda!

I uploaded a little handful of photos of what everyone was doing at SSK, so go have a look. There is a pretty funny one of me, unintentionally pulling a really dopey look when I got my picture taken. I promise you, I'm not as dumb as I look in this picture. Though having others underestimate you is often a good start for world domination plans. *cackles diabolically* Note the almost imperceptible progress on The Eternal and Neverending Green Shawl.

I wandered on home afterwards, and thought to myself, hm, it might just pour down before I make it home...

Storm brewing over Sydney

And it did. My only concern was that the hat I had with me is bright blue and not colour fast, and I didn't want it to run all over me and my knitting, so I plonked it on my head where it could give me a nice blue forehead. Yay, say I, dripping with sarcasm and rainwater.

Finally, just one more cool (or is it cooler to say "kewl"... ah well... LOL) graffiti wall which I saw on the way home: Graffiti Geisha. I like her, she's a bit different from the usual style, which is bright colours edged in black.

Graffiti Geisha

Friday, January 23, 2004
The love is in the food
I had the best morning the other day. My friend Kara came over for brekky at my place and since I'm doing the poor student thing these days (as she is) I cooked us poached eggies, bacon, beans, mushies and tomatoes. Yum!!!!!!!!! I love food so much. I love making it, I love eating it, happiness in general.

Cooking for someone has to be one of the most perfect expressions of love for your friends and family. Really. Food sustains life, and I adore the feeling of making the food and sitting down with people you care about, to share with them the thing which maintains life and health.

The Bald Man and me went out for brekky this morning, since we've had a very frugal week and haven't really been out. So I have a fat little belly full of french toast and a couple of bits of bacon, and I feel really good. There are very few feelings as good as this. There are some memories I keep that make me feel like this, ones I pull out from my heart to look at, and I can feel the happiness in them, like a warm belly full of food. Oh yeah. In ancient times the heart (as in the seat of emotion) was said to be in the belly, and it is clear to me why this was believed to be so.

So I'd said to the Bald Man on Thursday: "I'm having my friend Kara over for breakfast this morning."

He screwed up his face. "Do I know her?" he asked.

"No", I replied, "she's a uni friend. You haven't met her but I've told you all about her." It's funny, me and Kara met at uni and it turns out she's on the
PAN committee. Small world.

His face lit up at this. "Is she a lesbian?" he asked excitedly, and his whole face just crumpled in comic and badly-acted disappointment when I told him no. Nut.

What is it with straight guys and lesbians??? I don't really understand the very common fascination of straight men with lesbians, since they can have nothing to do with them sexually. Maybe it's this "untouchable" aspect which makes it so exciting for them, a pure form of erotic beauty which doesn't have anything to do with male machismo and posturing.

I don't know, but Kara and me laughed our heads off at the fact that my Bald Man would be so happy toddling off to work while imagining his stereotypically bored wife privately entertaining a lesbian crush. *rotfl* But no, Kara's not a lesbian and I don't have a secret crush on her (sorry! LOL), though thinking about our brekky Thursday morning does have that good warm-belly feel. And it's not just this morning's french toast.

I'm off to
SSK now, so knitting and photos later. Mwah!

Thursday, January 22, 2004
It doesn't chaaaaange!
I'm locked in stasis with my green shawl. I knit and I knit and I knit and an hour later I put it down and...

it looks exactly the same as when I picked it up an hour earlier.


I remember when I was going out with this guy in my late teens, he said that knitting must be the most frustrating thing in the world, and told me about this little old lady that would come to his church, sit down with this piece of knitting, drive everyone mad for the whole sermon going "clickety clickety" and at the end the thing looked just the same. Well that's how I feel. Except I'm not an old lady yet and I don't do the church thing anymore. Boom boom.

Anyway, not a whole lot interesting has been happening in my life, just working and running about, so the blog has been sorely neglected. That's the way it goes, queen of inconsistency and all that.

Meanwhile I'm about to have a nice bacon and eggie brekky with a uni mate, Kara, who's coming over to regale me with tales of her most exciting life, latest man, and plans to take over the world. Yay!

Saturday, January 17, 2004
Graffiti is a good thing sometimes
I have knitted this week, but the green scarf is at the stage where no matter how much I knit on it, the thing always looks much the same anyway. So in the absence of cool knitting pics, I'm going to put up some pics of a some very cool graffiti which is on one of the local Newtown homes.

Newtown used to have a bit of a reputation for being a dive, but these days it's getting pretty trendy. Someone (I'm not sure if it's council or not) got all these graffiti artists to do heaps of murals all around Newtown all over the festy graffiti, and some of the coolest is on this home just near our place. When someone defaces it, the artist just does something new and cool over the top. This is the latest and greatest. I love driving by to see what new creations this unknown person has cooked up.


Peace to you or else!!!

Peace to you or else, dammit!

Yup, I'm pretty low-key today... deal with it *wink*

Monday, January 12, 2004
Half Baked Squares
I've been doing a couple of squares for a care afghan which I'm participating in. Since it's a surprise, I won't say who it's for (just in case) but just so y'all know that I'm still here and knitting away...

I know they're only half-baked and the pic itself is pretty bloody half-baked as well, actually, but hey... I had to show off how nice that handspun wool is looking, hmm? It's the "kangaroo" wool that I've been spinning and it knits up to a rather gorgeous fabric on 3.25mm. Finally my spinning is getting to the stage where my finer yarns don't feel like steel wool.

And finally, I just wanted to share how cool Newtown is... there are nifty paintings popping up all over its traffic control boxes, I just had to take a picture of this one before it was further defaced... the puppet did have John Howard's face on it but someone blipped him out. Hehehehe... that's a wicked sense of humour.

And the fashion one... well what can I say, I am one of the top op-shop rummagers in the local area! :-)

Saturday, January 10, 2004
Ja, finished!
The cygnet jumper, she is finito. Yeah. I didn't quite finish it before 12noon, but sewed it up at the baby shower, as I expected I may. Ah well. This little boy is going to look so cute at the footy.

Had a very cool SSK today, there were about 20 of us there, unreal. Lots of pics, look at the site (link on the left). I got two really lovely surprise gifts - firstly Sarah was visiting from the country and gave me some gorgeous samples of silk and merino. Secondly, Peter gave me a copy of his Pacific Northwest Shawl pattern. Whee! I can start knitting it again, and with any luck my pattern will come home one day soon. You guys rock, thanks!

And because I'm so besotted with my cute birdies and Lily was curled up in the nest looking completely adorable when I got home today, the obligatory birdy shot:

Aw, schnookums!!! Now I'm off to pick up what's left of the Bald Man from the (post cricket) pub.

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