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Saturday, April 03, 2004
Go feminism... but don't forget give-and-take
I've come across a couple of intriguing anti-Brazilian wax rants in the past few months (like this little gem from Heartless Bitches, I gave myself a bellyache from laughing my head off, which, yes, involves a decent amount of unladylike snorting), and it's quite fascinating what a backlash something like Brazilian waxing has caused.

The backlash is due to the fact that it seems most women don't go the big de-furring adventure for themselves, but for their boyfriends.  But as far as I'm concerned, saying your boyfriend likes it isn't necessarily saying that you have no opinion of your own, but more like, "he thinks it's so fricken sexy that I feel like a GODDESS! Whoo hoo! I'm the sex goddess of my own domain!" Now, as far as the wax and the "enthusiastic trim" go (ie no ripping out by the hair roots involved), the trim wins by... a hair? *grin* Anyway, my opinion as a feminist is that "all the oral sex you could possibly wish for" can't be all THAT bad, can it?

Me, I'm all for anything that makes a woman feel sexy, fun, interesting or just generally good. If it truly falls into one of these categories, how exactly is a woman being demeaned? Doing something for your boyfriend or husband does not make you a traitor to feminism and women the world over!

My example is this. My husband would love to not bother shaving, hop into bed with dirty feet, and wear the same socks a few times in a row. But because I prefer not to be covered in stubble rash after a kiss, prefer not to have my bed full of detritus and would rather not have to deal with socks that stand up on their own, he makes a few concessions for me. What the hell happened to the fine art of compromise, ladies?

Friday, April 02, 2004
Happy happy fishling!
My lovely little Siamese fighter is a very happy little fishling at the moment. I got him a couple of snails to keep his house (not very egalitarian, I know, but this is one classy fish, and deserves staff for his little mansion) and some nifty fresh plants (the old one was plastic. Recycled plastic, now!).

The addition of a banana lily plant was greeted with much enthusiasm. It's this weird little plant that throws out enormously long lines with a floating lily-pad thang at the top of them, and Mauritius LOVES them. He attacked one of the lily pads in typical Siamese fighter fashion (ie he attacked it and tore a few chunks off, then wandered off fluffing his fins in a happy purple afterglow of post-aggressive glee).

Then, with fighters being the randy little buggers that they are, he made himself a bubble nest just like he always does, just in case some lovely chicky-babe Siamese fish comes swimming along and decides to lay her eggs in it. He usually puts it on the side of the vase, which is okay, but not the best.

This morning, however, I find that one of the banana lilypads is just about airborne, due to the massive bubble nest that he's made right underneath it. Cool, huh?

the nest and lily pad from above

the nest underneath

My mate Nicholas says that next lifetime he wants to come back as one of my pets. This comment was made just after I had bought my pet bunny a girlfriend so the poor little dude didn't have to play with his toys so enthusiastically any more. But that, my dears, is another story...

Thursday, April 01, 2004
Not-quite-wedding pictures
So. I went to this wedding the other day at the Botanical Gardens. Gorgeous! The wedding was romantic and glamorous as weddings are supposed to be, and the venue - awesome. I saw bats hanging in the trees like ripe fruit, squeaking happily and licking their wings ready to fly as the sun set:

And some more local wildlife. My pictures of the actual wedding sucked but life goes on. *grin*

Aw! And about 10 times as heavy as my cockatiels, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, I am slowly making progress on the very small teddy bear (previously discussed) knitted from some stuff that I handspun, the silk-merino blend from Margaret Peel Fibre Supplies. These are the arms, and I've put my hand there for scale... it's gonna be so cute and teensy! Have big future plans for this teddy, and the pattern is coming out of my head, so stay tuned to see if he turns out gorgeous or... well... maybe deformed will turn out to be too harsh a word, shall we wait and see?

Finally, I've been spinning again! It's good for doing 1/2 hour of here and there, and I intend to take it to Orange with me this weekend. This is the handpainted merino roving I dyed the other day. The hot pink isn't part of it, that was just there already, but it goes alright with the colour, so maybe I'll slip a bit of hot pink in here and there for a bit of visual interest *grin*

Yay! Sorry for the over-abundance of photos for anyone who's on dial-up like me, but I was just soooo excited to actually have a picture hosting server thingumy again... o-kay. I think I'll just go now! Adios amigos!

Tuesday, March 30, 2004
Maniacal behaviour
Well, I'm at uni at the moment, and just having spent nearly 3 hours in the library and intending to spend about the same after this, I thought a break would be nice.

I have my spinning wheel stashed in my car, ready to lug along to the Bald Man's Brasserie after uni today, and I'll sit and wait for the boy to finish work while I spin. I think it may very well be the first spinning wheel to set... um... treadle in this particular pub. I was spinning there on Sunday night, and got some rather weird looks, but it's a really neat thing to do, because you can guarantee that at least one person will come up and start a conversation with you if you're doing something strange like spinning in a pub bistro.

The ideal cure for the terminally lonely! Take a spinning wheel down to your local, and order yourself a Guinness!

In reply to Leigh's comment to yesterday's post... with maniacal behaviour suiting me so well, I do treadle like a maniac. *grin*... I am actually spinning this merino on the smaller whorl of my traveller at the moment, and I go like this -

"draft, draft, draft, draft, treadle, treadle, treadle"

("draft" being one very small draft per treadle, "treadle" being treadling while just hanging on to the thread and staring in to space.) Relaxing, but bloody slow. I've got a scarfling to knit, dammit! My biggest concern with the ratio not being high enough to just continously draft is that the yarn will be underspun in places and overspun in others

I'll take a photo of it on the bobbin some time in the next couple of days. The colours look even lovelier spun up than they do on the roving. Ooh! I think I'm going to enter a little skein of this stuff in the next issue of Spin-Off, which is skeins spun from hand-painted rovings. Yum.

Speaking of which, I just got my Spring 2004 Spin-Off, which was the issue with the "young spinners'" skeins in, and there were skeins from little tykes as young as about 4 or 5, and many of them boys. Where are all the male grown-up spinners? Huh??? (Sheesh, can you imagine a dual-stash household??? And if your kids started spinning or knitting???? Bugger the wine cellar, dig me a multi-level stash cellar! Whoo hoo!)

My sincerest apologies to my non-spinning fans, who probably are confused, and are considering abandoning my blog for more interesting pursuits. Don't go! I've taken some cute pics of my tiny teddy in progress, but have run out of space at my ivillage site where I keep my photos, and have to sort out some sort of picture repository in the mean time. Bah! Damn the internet and its bizarre ability to part me from my money time and time again!!!

Monday, March 29, 2004
Back to the library, nerd!
Ka-chew! *cracks whip at self*

Man oh man, it is soooo hard to get motivated at the moment. Yick. I haven't posted for about a week or so, and if I don't post here, it usually means one of a few things:

* I may be having a deliriously fantastic time in some exotic location, and have forgotten that computers even exist (nice option, but not very likely)
* I may be having a complete shit of a time and am overwhelmed and stressed off my freckle, in which case I prefer to do this privately and not smear my little cyber-wails all over the world wide home of cyber-arachne
* I might have decided that I'll never knit again, and therefore won't be blogging anymore (*snicker* bloody hell, I'm such a wit!)

Anyway, I have been pretty damned busy the last week or so, work, choir, business and uni commitments, and was feeling just a little bit overwhelmed there for a while. Weddings, committee meetings (non choir), you name it, baby it's on. Unreal. It's pretty amazing actually how much you can cram into your life without losing the plot completely (though I must say I've been a woman on the edge a few times in the last couple of days).

Ooh, something nifty has happened, I've decided to make a little foray into the world of ebay, and I've sold a book and some of my handspun wool. Whoo hoo! Here's to the first thirty bucks of my first million! Well... first something, anyway. Whatever! I'm still excited, dammit.

I've also done a little bit of hand-painting of merino top, which is being spun into very fine (laceweight) yarn to make a nice scarfling from. I'm not great at laceweight spinning yet, my stuff's still a bit coarse, but a certain spinning goddess tells me that it's all just about practice. Here's the top (I think it can also be called rovings):

Finally, as far as my little home menagerie goes, I bought 2 little snailings for my fish vase (yes, it really is a flower vase with a live fish in it). They're called Ernest and Ethel and they're a very efficient little cleaning team. This is one of them, with Mauritius the Vicious.

Ernest and Mauritius
I'm going to turn off the radio now, and get back to studying. *cracks whip again* This song called Bad Babysitter just came on, it's waaaay too funny and distracting to have on while trying to study. Tsk tsk and very very naughty!

Monday, March 22, 2004
Another finished thing

Yup. Another pair of socks.

I'm not sure I "get" the sock obsession phenomenon, *except* for the hugely cool yarn you can buy for em. They just seem to be a bit of a repetitive sort of project, once you know the pattern off by heart, it's just no fun any more. However! I was enormously excited when a friend, Siew Jin, brought me back a 100g ball of Regia jacquard from her recent visit to Germany... I can't stomach the thought of another pair of socks so soon, so I'm knitting myself some gloves. Yeah! I do adore the Regia yarns, but there is no way I'm doing another pair of socks for a while yet. On the other hand (wocka wocka, no pun intended, truly!) I've not knitted gloves before, so I think this will be fun.

I've started a little toy to keep my needles warm until I decide what "real" project I'm doing next. It's going to be a very small teddy bear made of the baby blue silk/merino blend I spun up a little while ago. Knitted on 2mm needles, it's going to be very tiny and very cute, and I'm going to embed a jingle bell in its belly stuffing, so it can be a soft little rattle. Awwww!

Sunday, March 21, 2004
Why I would like big boobs
...why? because what happened would NOT have just happened. I'm sitting here, happily procrastinating (instead of doing paperwork, that is) and drinking a cup of coffee, which has gone cold while I've been farting about with this (rather freaky) site.

The last bit of the cup of coffee had gone cold, and it had about a mouthful of liquid left, so I lifted the cup, put it up to my face, and tipped. Because I was concentrating more on the freaky image of myself, I poured most of it straight down my shirt. Now, if I had a nice big cleavage, it wouldn't have ended up all over my belly button. Which it did. Doh! It's a pity you can't see how my picture with the ivy on my head looked, and why it freaked me out so much. Ye gods, I just laughed so much I gave myself a bellyache. Erg.

Anyway, speaking of big boobs, that's what my group work in social psych is going to be about. Very cool, and promises to be both interesting and extremely funny. Basically we're sussing out the whole thing about guys who "say" they don't mind if their lady doesn't have big ones, but is still obsessed with big ones. Relating it to psych? Well, we're probably linking it to a couple of fairly robust theories in psych, namely that people think attractive people are smarter, but if a woman is "too" attractive, they think she's not so smart at all, so we're exploring the whole big-boobed bimbo theory. Awesome, huh?

By the way, I shudder to imagine how many bizarre hits I'm going to get from search engines with the key words in this entry. *snicker* ... guys, if you're looking for nice porny booby chicks, you've just landed your butt on a knitting website. Sorry!

*evil laugh* Ain't life just full of disappointments???

Saturday, March 20, 2004
Cockatiel cake, and stripy socks
So, when I get time to sneak in a bit of sly knitting, this is what I've been doing:

I started these aaages ago, and lost the pattern 1/2 way through the second sock. Well now that I've finished my shawl, I'm just knitting it without the pattern by looking at the first sock and trying to remember what I did. It's not working out too badly actually! And hey, if it's not quite the same as the first one, they do say that one of your feet is bigger than the other, so I'll try 'em on for size and try to remember which is the left sock and which is the right. *grin*

I was talking on the phone today when Lily snuck into the kitchen (which is usually out-of-bounds for hygiene reasons, and as a result is the "kewlest" place for my tiels to hang out in) and disappeared. Where did I find her? Put it this way, maybe no-one is ever going to want a cake that I've made ever again...?

But really. Is she not irresistably cute, even while "hiding" in a mixmaster? She was extremely chuffed with her new-found cubby house, and was most pissed off when I evicted her and told her "cage!". Heh!

Thursday, March 18, 2004
Lots and lots of stitches...

I'm part of a very interesting knitting yahoo group, which, unlike many online knitting groups, doesn't necessarily coddle or educate its members, but is (though still in its formative stage as far as I see it) is a top forum for intelligent, creative and adventurous knitters.

Recently an interesting topic has come up that I'm keeping an eye on. It's about the difference between knitting a garment out of chunkier wool and getting a fairly quick result, or going the "cast on a zillion stitches and knit for a millennium" type of project (hehe, thanks go to "Lyndell The Knit" for making me laugh with this one).

Another of our members, Leigh, who tends to knit in a finer gauge because that's what she likes to spin (just on an aside, her stuff is AMAZING. I am not worthy, Leigh!) asked why the baulking at casting on a few hundred stitches for something?

I'm fairly certain this is going to be an interesting thread. I replied with my take on it, and thought I'd share these thoughts with other knitters "out there" who aren't necessarily in the yahoo group, but would benefit from the conversation. So here's the "and then I said", and I'll post anything interesting that transpires, with the authors' permissions of course.

I've been thinking about this sort of thing since I finished my shawl. The shawl was a bit of an adventure for me, it had a few things I'd never done: lace-weight knitting, i-cord edging, reading from a chart rather than longhand pattern, and provisional cast-on. It was great! But I'm not sure if I would have taken it on if it hadn't been for the encouragement of online and knitting group friends.

This may surprise people about me, as I come across as pretty confident (at times aggressive, though I do try to play nice most of the time, haha.) The reason why I would have hesitated though, is less about confidence, and trying the unknown (hey, I taught myself fair-isle from a book when I was 8) and more about commitment.

Taking on a large project takes commitment. When you're busy, you know that starting a piece with many stitches is going to take time. And the problem is not just about the time, though I think it's a factor, but the fact that many of us have probably been excited and ambitious about a project in the past, bought all the wool for it, started it, and abandoned it. What a horrible experience this is! Personally I think that a lot of of people are loathe to start a project which calls for a cast on of many stitches, or many unfamiliar techniques, because the thought of going through that experience again is extremely offputting.

So... psychologist Monica (*snigger*, what a classic, I'm only 2nd year, can you imagine me in 3 years' time???) has her little opinion on this... I had this cross stitch that I started some years ago. Huge project, many hours, I'd already spent countless hours on it, and then shoved it in the cupboard because I figured I'd never finish it. I'd started it when I was about 15.

When I moved out of home at 21, I found it, and thought, I'm going to finish that. I worked on it on and off for another round of countless hours, and put it away again. Finally, later that year, I bit the bullet and worked on it like a mad thing for a few months and finished it, close to 7 years after I first started it. I'm turning my head to look at it now, and it's lovely! Ironically, it's Psalm 23, and I completed it the year I decided to "not be a Christian anymore".

Anyway, the point I'm getting to in my verbose and roundabout way, is that maybe if you're hesitant to take on such a big project, pull out one of your old unfinished pieces which you abandoned in the belief that you were being overly ambitious, and prove to yourself like I did that you actually can complete it.

Then when you decide to take on another whopper... you know eventually you're going to stitch that final stitch, even if you do a few other things in between and may take a few years, and it's going to be a bloody awesome feeling.

Meanwhile, I'm still smug about the completion of my shawl, and have dug out the almost-finished pair of Regia sockies that I started long time ago and lost the pattern for. I'm just winging it without the pattern now, and hope that the second sock is something like the first! :-)

Sunday, March 14, 2004
Block me, baby! Yeah!!!
I pulled the shawl from the water and it literally doubled in size before my eyes. Magic! And I was worried it would be too small.

I can wear it tomorrow, if the weather isn't too warm...


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