Entry: Productivity Friday, May 26, 2006

..I've been BUSY!

I handed in my 2nd last assessment for this semester on Wednesday, and have sold all of my current lot of ebay wool. Phew!

I get  cold hands on the computer so I made some of these with the cute ball of wool which Mary-Helen and Sandra brought back with them from Singapore:

The colours! MMMM! They're much purpler than the photo suggests, purple just doesn't seem to go well with the camera.

And... this is the kitchen in our new place, at the messiest it's been so far.

... we had friends over for dinner last night (all those dishes!), and it's also crawling with all of my dyeing gear. It's messy, and I love it!

I'll be listing some stuff on ebay again soon, some canary wool, and some spinning sliver, and some of the delightful laceweight Filatura di Crosa Centalovaggi. Mmm. :D:D:D


July 30, 2006   08:03 PM PDT
I Love the garter rib like ridges on the handwarmers! Great idea. (glad to see I am not alone, and that every crafters kitchen look the same) ;)
June 1, 2006   05:45 PM PDT
Is that World of Warcraft I seen on your computer monitor ????
May 28, 2006   08:52 PM PDT
They look fantastic!! Wish I could see your place! Only three more weeks before I get to see you though :).
M-H (and sandra)
May 27, 2006   09:15 AM PDT
The 'gloves' look great. And wait 'til you see what we got for you in NZ last Xmas! Delivery somewhat delayed - you'll get it on the 17th. hee hee hee!

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