Entry: Enabling joy! Friday, June 02, 2006

My uni friend Rachel, who I (re)taught how to knit, just finished her very first scarf. Woot! It was made from purple handspun and fringed with nifty purple and blue mixed with star sequins. Cool!

She came over today for a casting-off lesson, and we drank coffee and chatted while we cut up yarn and made it into a sparkly fringe, and then tried the scarf on and pranced about the house squeaking with excitement. Yay!

There would be a photo, but someone took off with it this morning. *rolls eyes* ... honestly, you'd think he owned it or something. Hehehe...

Oh, and yes, Lara *blush* they are WoW icons on my screen. How embarrassing. And M-H... *dying of suspense!*



June 3, 2006   09:31 PM PDT
Hehehe... Never mind, I only recognised them because I have a "World of Warcrack" addict in my life. And I have been know to play a little myself;)

Are you coming to Sydney for the KIP Day ?

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