Entry: Cheesy weirdness Friday, June 30, 2006

So I'm looking at this "extra light tasty" cheese.

35% protein; 15% fat; 1% carbs (sugar).

What the hell is the other 49% of this stuff?



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December 22, 2006   06:18 PM PST
It's fat!
July 8, 2006   10:13 AM PDT
Yah, I dont know why that ad kept coming up, especially as I have a paid account, which, since that stupid ad kept happening and since I'm a student still, I'm letting lapse for now. Hm.

And goddamn, that's a funny FUNNY reply about the cheese voting! hee!
July 4, 2006   06:57 AM PDT
49% of it (well, actually less) voted for George W. Bush and believes it has a divine mandate to rule.

I'm sorry for soiling your blog with the name of the Antiholy; if it's any consolation, I live in the same country as that particular walking advertisement for birth control.
July 4, 2006   03:07 AM PDT
probably biproduct from outerspace.
but i'd probably be happier NOT knowing about the other 49%
July 1, 2006   05:55 AM PDT
Sometimes it is best not to question these things hahaha!
June 30, 2006   05:12 PM PDT

And I like the redesign - mainly because there is no longer an ad plonked right over the most recent post.

And since I do believe you and I share the same day, happy birthday for Sunday :o)

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