Entry: Aaaaand she's back. Older. Wiser. And ever more loquacious. Friday, December 17, 2010

It's been a helluva long time since I posted! I'm feeling the need for procrastination here, people - I have my running shoes on, my Garmin fired up, and I've baulked at the gate. And then I ate a little bowl of ice cream.

Who is this person, you ask? The Knitting Revolutionary does not run! and she does not have a Garmin! And she doesn't procrastinate! ...well maybe that last bit is a lie. But!

Yeah, so here I am. I got rid of the long black hair and got myself short blonde hair. My hands got sore from knitting and playing WoW too much, so I started running instead. And I graduate from university. And I did a whole bunch of other stuff in between.

My last post was 4 years ago. And when do I decide "hey, the blog hasn't seen any attention for a while"?

You goddit. Right when I'm due to run out the door for an 8km pace run. LOL. Maybe I'll just make this one an easy run, and come back and type something worth reading later tonight. Orrrr, overhaul this very weird, outdated looking blog. Because really, it could do with a good dose of lovin' right now.

Welcome back to me! Here's to knitting, running, good wine, cute birdies, and other similar fine things in life *chinks a champagne glass* Let the stories of life, love, and  all things wonderful begin!


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