Entry: Coffee please! Sunday, November 02, 2003

The whole internet knitting thing started with an Aussie yahoo groups lot called knitting-australia. They had this squares exchange thing going, where if you sent someone a square in a colour of their choice, they'd send you back one in a colour of your choice. Being me, I wanted black squares. Being them, they tended to take a bit of creative license with the instruction to "just give me black". Ah well. Knitting in black is notoriously boring and a bit rough on the eyes. (Hey! I wonder if bugknits.com would charge extra for black *thinks about knitting a 1cm square jumper in black silk and goes crosseyed just thinking about it. Och.*) So here is about a year's worth of square exchange squares with the person's names underneath.

Then you add one lazy Friday night and little bit of designing help from the lovely and very helpful Lily (she liked the addition of the yellow smiley face) and voila... one rug. I'm currently crocheting a border round the edge to eat all that leftover black plastic stuff in my stash.

You know how sometimes you hear oldies say that they're a young person inside, just trapped in an old person's body? Well, I have this sneaking suspicious that I'm just a grumpy old hag trapped inside a young body. A bit tragic really, but I'm sure with time this problem will be all sorted out, and one day I'll fulfil my lifelong dream of being a grumpy old hag with a dirty sense of humour in a grumpy old hag's body. There now, that'll be much better, won't it? 

Finally,this is for the lovely Jennywren, who was asking about Landscapes dyes and whether you can change the shade within the same colour. This is some merino top which I bought plain white and dyed with Landscapes dyes. It's all with the same dye, basically I just layered the presoaked top in a container, one layer east-west and the top layer north-south. Then I mixed up some blue dye very concentrated, and put about 4 blobs spaced at about 12, 3, 6 and 9oclock, then I didn't have much dye left so watered the leftover dye right down and blobbed it about at about 4 spots inbetween the other dye spots. The dark bits are the first four blobs, the lighter bits are the later spots. 

Actually this method was only for the piece of wool at the top of the picture. The lower piece of wool had way too much dye used, it was my practice piece... the top one with its eight little blobs of dye, the lower one I had gotten a bit too enthusiastic (and generous) with the dyes.

That pretty much sums up the study-free parts of my weekend, and it's a quiet, low-key entry because I haven't had my coffee yet... the Bald Man said about 20 minutes ago "put the kettle on and I'll make us a cuppa"... he's currently chasing Phoenix around, who's just come to site behind me on the chair to get away from him. Ah! Peaceful Sunday mornings... it's not very often that I'm this mellow, so I'm going to get the hell OFF this computer and go enjoy it. Not to mention remind Luke about that coffee...

Adios darlings, happy Beltane to all you southern hemispherers and happy Halloween to all the northerners. Mmm, one of my favourite cards.


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