Entry: Beautiful afternoon in Sydney Monday, November 03, 2003

It's been a bloody beautiful day here in Sydney, and I'm just loving it. Our place might be tiny and covered in half-chewed bird food but it's absolutely heavenly sitting here in the afternoon on a sunny day. Mellow mellow mellow. So I'm taking a couple of pics, and getting back into chapter 4 of "Psychology: Themes and Variations". I've pretty much finished my stash-eating black rug during my breaks today (yeah, I get a lunch break and all, whoo hoo! Not to mention the night off when the beautiful Bald Man gets home. Yay!)

my living room on a heavenly monday arvo... that's the "fast wheel" (sheesh I'm going to have to name the things to distinguish between them) and the birds' playpen next to the birds' penthouse and the nifty rug we got in Damascus... really must go back there one day... oh and the black thing on the floor is just a stray ball of wool. it must have escaped the basket.

So, all in all a good day, I've finally come up with my topic for my final philosophy essay, and have made a dent in the psych study. Heh. Not to mention there's been the whole added excitement of having had an offer of grrrrly lovin' on the side; however a sub-clause in the Rule of Engagement has just ruled the whole thing out. Oh! Sorry. Back to the real world. I'm sure Cyn's being rude on the tag board just to get another mention on the blog. Go get your own blog, you show-stealing teasing hussy, you!!!

lily doing the "headless chicken" dance... well just sleeping actually. aw! my tiels love an afternoon nap, funny huh. we're all just old women here. meanwhile, phoenix peers at me suspiciously (as usual). he/she had been sleeping peacefully a minute before as well, but isn't quite as laid-back as lilly-pilly is.

Getting this card didn't surprise me in the least. *smiles dreamily and gets back to work* ... I think I'm drunk on afternoon sunlight. Yum.


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