Entry: Oooh, she's just on FIRE! Tuesday, November 04, 2003

here's the rug, it's finished. Not much work in sewing it up and putting the crochet border on it, and now I only have about 20g of black plastic left in the stash. Yay! I would have preferred the squares plain black, but I couldn't be arsed making another two squares to replace the coloured ones. So now when I'm a cold little granny in the car I can chuck this over myself and voila. Instant witcheroo.

So, since Lily had her headless day, I decided to play the same game...

This is the bunyip jumper I made a year ago, with built in gloves. *boom boom!* Oh, she's on fire today... *rolls eyes at self* So, since the sleeves are waaaay too long, I'm unpicking them at the cuffs and re-doing those bits. Just in time for summer. I may get brave and get out the scissors and the sewing needle and give it some body shaping, too, since the drape around the waist is just odd.

Wha.... ergh. I've got to go make some coffee...


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