Entry: Ow, my head hurts... Thursday, November 06, 2003

I am gettting soooo old. One late night with not a glass of alcohol in sight (well maybe one) and I feel like my head's going to drop off. Blech.

Me and Baldy went to see Matrix Revolutions last night. Well, this morning. Oh, yeah. Talk about a good satisfying story with lots to think about. Yaaaay. Go see it, chillen, go see it. The Bald Man commented on how absolutely gorgeous Monica Belushi was looking in it. I wasn't sure if he meant her face or her... other bits. Sheesh. Even I had trouble focussing on anything else while that was on the screen *shakes head*

Anyway. Didn't come online to talk about Monica's incredible assets, the funny thing is I knew we were going to have to wait a while in the queue to get in so I took in my needles and a ball of sockyarn, and when the movie finally started, I just kept going.

super-observant woman who was sitting just near us, about 1/2 hour before the movie started... to Luke: "oh! You're reading" *laughs nervously* (personally I know that reading for pleasure is becoming less and less common, but from the look on her face you would have thought he was sharpening a big knife while staring fixedly at her jugular. Duh)... then, immediately after this scintillating comment, to me: "oh! and you're knitting!" *laughs again, this time with a slightly hysterical tinge*

My response? Well, since I wasn't at the end of a row and all four needles were in use, I didn't stab her. Besides, the attendant was roaming about the place just itching to evict trouble-making knitters and photo-takers. So I just smiled sweetly at her, rolled my eyes, and hoped she'd go away. I'm not very vocal around 1am.

So. The movie started, and I knitted this:

I superimposed it on top of the bunyip jumper stripes to show how niftily (though not necessarily exactly) these two items go together.

Meanwhile, I have a date with Nietzsche. Miserable, mad, arrogant bastard that he was. Interesting, though...


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