www.academic-writing » I wanted to know about the subject matter, when I read your post, I observed that you tried to provide valued information regarding subject. It is a great effort; please provide more information regar
Monica » ...not reeeeeally... but I'm thinking it might be time to make a comeback
ElvenSarah » You still around?
Alloy » zomg squeaky !!!!
elegence_au » lzht1
elegence_au » lzht1
Ananth » hello
Ananth » hi
HELICOPTER » Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holla @ ur gurl.
HELICOPTER » Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holla @ ur gurl.
Carissa » heyaa, just hopping around. very nice 'n' green ^^
Catherine » Anon comments on my blog now possible, your blog looks much prettier...xx
Marti » Hello, just blogging around. Nice blog.
ynanna »
Monica » yeah, chantique, those years are rife with bizarre stories for everyone i think *smile* such fertile (or rotten?) ground
Monica » catherine! You must allow anonymous comments! I cant post on yor blog... but will try x
Catherine » Hello lovely, did you know your blog doesn't look too flash on a Mac? Also, look! I got my own blog now...xx
chantique79 » i really admire yr blog..the experiance on 1st yr at uni make me laugh...lol...i faced trouble to at my high school year...all the hardship and troubles..make us so grateful the way we are now...
Sarah » if you wanna put the pic of my missy in her floofy shrug squeak feel free to do so!
Emsqueak » I need some more Jenny Greenteeth. Not for any project - just for fun . Ok I lie - it's to make Clapotis!
Monica » thanks Elizabeth, it's been my favourite colour combo so far
Elizabeth » That's some beautiful "neon flux" yarn you've dyed down there. wow. I love it.
Elizabeth » That's some beautiful "neon flux" yarn you've dyed down there. wow. I love it.
Kim B » Congratulations on your new house!
Monica » yay! it seems to be displaying ok now, but is still a little boring. am working on it, but only a bit at a time
M-H » Hey Jennair, you're a tease. Nothin' on that blog!
Gloria » w00t, John Lennon.
nicola » i think its great because you get to make scarfs and other things
jennair » <----a blog you might enjoy!
jade » hi i need a template on a masquerade ball masks any1 can help please
abuzar » hello everyone
Monica... » Hey there Karma-grrl! *big smooch* good to see you back...
Karma » Ok babes....I'm back, I think, for now......thanks for checking up on me.
Colleen » As far as I can tell... "I know how hard it is to take care of those animals that need help might help you."
Colleen » Mostly just bad spelling, I think. ESL classes, anyone?
Monica » oooer, cryptic :-/
shelby » i now hall hard it is to take kear of thous anomles that need help might heple you
Kim » OK, Oh Bringer of Great Knowledge and Deliverer of Many Musics...how do I make my blog heading bigger? I've tried and tried, but I'm not desperate enough to read the instructions...
Kim » Thanks for the advice. And maybe I won't delete again - I'll just look like a git. Hell, I should be used to it by now!
Kim » Actually, I might delete the blog altogether (again!). I don't have time to maintain it and I don't wanna look like a complete git.
Kim » Meh, maybe I should just grow some character and ignore her. Some people are too strange and too sad to bother with. Hope you are having a great day! xoxoxoxoxox
Kim » It's very strange - some people are too weird. And she doesn't even have a blog, so I can't reply. I thought u had to hav a blog in order to talk to other blogs.
Kim » Hey Mon,some chick's leaving rude messages on my tag board thingie.Normally I wouldn't care, except that I'm only new to this and I haven't even had a chance to annoy anyone, so y's she picking on me?
Monica... » you evil temptress, you *heh*
Monica... » yeah, I did. But I've got SO MUCH STUFF! Really need to do something with it all *cringe*
Elizabeth H. in Culp » Don't know if you've heard - OZYARN is closing down. Everything on sale, and they ARE in Australia! Just thought you might like to know!
Winston » I saw this picture and thought of you *pinch*
Monica... » *cackles wickedly*
Dot » Ah yes, "librarianing". I believe it's a verb is it not? The act of caring for a library whilst holding tongue firmly in cheek and wearing no knickers.
Monica... » 'sall right, Dot, it's always worth the wait
Dot » Ooh geez! Better go update.
Urban Gypsy » Glad to see you back!!
Monica... » yay! miss you too sweety *big smoochy kiss*
Kim » Mon!!!! I am a twonk! I'm sure I'll get the hang of all this stuff eventually! I guess I need to do some reading now that I've finally dived in and "invested" in a shiny, new Blog thingie. :} MISS U!
interval » thanks for the kind words
Monica » mwahaha! Didn't hurt you too much, did I precious? *evil grin*
Winston » ooh! I missed those pinches!
Monica » Or for some other links... http://www.google.com.au/search?hl=en&q=socks+ two+needles+&meta=
Monica » Sonia, there's a fantastic tutorial with photos on http://www.az.com/~andrade/knit/twocirculars.html ... go have a look. Good luck!
Toni » Cool site. I love the eye mask!
Sonia » Hello, I'm looking for someone who knows how to knit socks, That is knitting the sock on two needles that starts from the two and ends up finishing at the cuffs. I hope you can help me.
Sonia » Hello
Unni » Hi! Cool blog!
Monica » And I liked Melbourne soooo much anyway, it wouldn't take a whole lot to get me back for another holiday. Hmmmm...!
Monica » nyehehe... yeah, well, that's me, I'm SUCH an agony aunt *grin*
subrime » But before I can do that, I have to lure you back to Melbourne with my siren call...
jennair » If you like hats - join the rainbow hatters - rainbowhatters.blogdrive.com
jennair » awesome layout!
Monica » ha sweety, you can use my shoulder any time you like you should know that! xxx
subrime » I dont think you could have survived another week of me moaning on your shoulder....
[ [ Acy ] ] » wow nice pic
confusedone » oh! I wish i had more to spend on yarn, but im all wiped out! I just found the cutest pattern for a yoga mat carrier, if i actually did yoga that would be another thing...
Monica... » didn't have the time for anything except a vrey quick impromptu visit to the Yarn Barn. If only I could have stayed the two weeks!
Sarah » Hey Mon, you going to Marta's Yarns?
Phases » You can best bet if I ever pass through those parts, I'm stopping by to get my hat!! (And maybe some dinner too - I'll probably be pretty hungry)
big prob » i got a big problem. i don't know how to knit!!!
Monica... » comin' over to visit, Phases
Monica... » oooooh you're so scary *laughs*
Phases » Boo!
Phases » BOO!!
Monica... » oh yes. They are vicious, armoured, merciless fiends!
ElvenSarah » Trams!
Monica... » *giggle* now that would have been funny. Hee!
angelgrayson » You had me hooked with the disclaimer header
Catherine » Let's not mention that I almost delivered her to the *wrong* party
blueskelton » Woot Partay!!
Sarah » Mon, check your yahoo.co.uk mail. Sent you an important message.
Cynth » Hey Veronica - can we (SUMS) do a Gospel Concert this year? I know QUMS did one around 1997-98 so you can ask them about their sheet music...
Veronica » P.S. I finished that funky beanie with the hole in the back for my plait that I was working on... it's very funky I just can't wait till winter so I can wear it.
Veronica » We had our first SUMS committee meeting the other day and I have little idea about what I'm meant to do. I need advice from the grand high immediate past librarian *g*
Feorlen » Sometimes I get an annoying popup ad when I open the page. What's with that? You don't have banner ads or anything.
Phases » I just figured a blanket was too much to beg for!
Rae » I've not heard of Kaffe Fassett...
Nicole » I spelt my own url wrong. Duh. This is the correct spelling.
Nicole » I noticed you mention it's difficult to good stuff in Australia. If you're looking for fibres to spin, try treetops http://www.treetopscolours.com.au/ they'll sell mail order. Gorgeous colourways.
Friday » Hi you! It's been a while so I thought I would drop by to say hello. XOXOX
Brittany » O.o
Monica » rotfl
Dot » purpulish?? Must be my migrant heritage coming out in my spelling.
Dot » The airy fairy pinkish purpulish colour is soooo Dot it's sickening. I'm going over to check out the link you left me anyway. Ha ha